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Monday, February 29, 2016

Gun Ranges are becoming quite popular again 02 29 2016

Gun Ranges are becoming quite popular again

But what about the Soccer Dad who becomes violent with the referee; is that a safe person that can be on a gun range? No.

What about the football, baseball and basketball players who are constantly accused and flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct; can they be allowed on a gun range? No!

What about the pot smoker? No!

How about the Republican Down's Syndrome child? No!

What about what could be as many as 40,000 people in our military accused of sexual assault? No.

What about the High School Football and Basketball star that didn't go to college, cried himself to sleep after he enlisted in the army because he couldn't take it and then sold drugs as a bouncer at a bar. Can you have someone like that at a gun range? No!

What about the wrestling coach who along with five of the boys he was coaching sodomized one boy with a broom handle? Is that a person who can take up the sport of target practice and competition? No! Why not? Because it requires a level of self control and responsibility none of the above have!

Did you just learn that the standard of men is indeed much higher than what the media is propagandizing it to be?

So what are we going to have to do with these people in order to uphold the United States Constitution? They might become a danger to us in the future if we deport them. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and the Second Amendment is a highly valid amendment that is part of it! A President does indeed take an oath of Responsibility to protect the United States Constitution! You can't have the above people believing that their behavior is consistent with manhood and the Constitution can you! You can't have that mentally defective person, based on poor behavior and temper on a gun range.

But what about convicted felons who have served their time that can't own a Gun? The Constitution States that the right to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed. In order to protect the Constitution therefore you have to take the meaning and intent of it to almost the most extreme level don't you. You have to deport them in order to protect the United States Constitution! Why because they can easily attain them because it is the right of people to do so, which cannot be infringed and can never be infringed! Like it or not it is written just that way to protect us from all of the above isn't it!


Paragraph X

So I was researching Greece and Philip from Rome. And I stumbled across something about the God Jupiter being the highest of all Gods. And that he rained lightening bolts. The lightening bolts are indeed a metaphor for the descending holy spirit. But the symbol of the God Jupiter and also that semen soul symbol was indeed the swaztica. Per my understanding of the word Semite there is therefore nothing more Semitic than the symbol of the swaztica. And perhaps I am not articulating it as good as I could. But why aren't I? Because an infantily immature voice is distracting me from doing so! It is hard to believe that people like that exist today but they do.

Which brings me to another point. Lets say that you have a religion whose symbol is the six pointed star. And they have a great track record. But then a horrible dictator comes into a government many centuries later and adopts that symbol as his motto. After he is conquered are we to never draw a picture of it again? And any time we do should we feel some guilt for doing so?

I find that symbol comical because it looks like a stick man figure running very fast. I like stick man comic movies. They are funny to me and they were created to be funny.


Also a man from a foreign country reads about a horrible gang in the United States who is doing horrific things to people. In his country he states that that same faction of people should have their guns taken away. Can you blame him for that step?


The standard of gun ownership is far greater than that of the sing songy moron that likes to tempt the minds of men just as Jesus Christ was tempted by demons in the dessert. It is where the rubber meets the road.

It isn't something that you can just quickly imprint the above ill behaved people with. It is a level of responsibility they had to have been born with the potential to have.


I was reading today that a Founding Father said that Religion will always be separate from state because it wasn't in Europe and it lead to so much bloodshed there. The fact of the matter it isn't separate from state today and that is something very scary in regard to history potentially repeating itself here!


What is a man?

“I would never ever do that!”

Give that same man alcohol to drink and what can happen? “Yeah, I think I will try that!”

However what is male that was never a man and never will be? That which was born at step 2 “Yeah I think I will try that!” and incapable of step 1, “I would never do that!”

And that is indeed one of the motives of that which will never be a man giving drugs to that which is.


So you are living in a village in Colonial America and someone from out of town, a stranger with a British accent comes into town and starts sexually molesting all the children; effectively sterilizing them? Put me in a straight jacket, stick a needle in my arm and pump me full of drugs so that I am incoherent, stir my brain with a metal rod until I can no longer talk; tell me why you don't shoot him dead and bury him?

What am I saying. You read the Newspapers and there are a lot of people that shouldn't be here!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 02 29 2016 at:

With regard to Paragraph X. What they don't want to tell you is that person born with mental retardation has seizures because of the Holy Spirit of men descending upon him. But there is more to it than that. When you are tempted by voices it only serves to strengthen and concentrate the power of your Holy Spirit. But how does that seizure manifest itself? I believe it is like this. Only one sperm can fertilize a womans egg. So what happens to the Holy Spirit of the rest as they are dying off? Do they team up with the Holy Spirit of that one sperm and strengthen it? I believe so. And you have never read anything like that before. But what happens when you have a mentally retarded person or an inbred mentally retarded person walking around and they are indeed hit by a disseminated Holy Spirit? It recognizes that there is only a partial human soul in that person and therefore tries to help fortify it? And the result is seizure and death sometimes isn't it. Whose fault is that? It is the fault of legalized drugs and alcohol isn't it! And it is the fault of allowing inbreeding in marriage isn't it! The causes of mental retardation.

Would you ever want a person who had no human soul to pass on those genes? I had more to say about this.

I really don't like writing this stuff. Why do I do it? Because I know a lot of human beings have suffered and been killed in genocide because of medical fraud. The voices are real and horrific however the cause of them is what makes it medical fraud.

There is stated to be a new gun range going up in Mequon.  I once worked out at an elite type of gym in Mequon.  And I saw one young man grab and hold the groin of a young man with dark hair who appeared to be Jewish to me.  If that is some kind of thing that happens frequently to Jews I want to tell you that you should never have to put up with that!  And one more point.  What happens when that type of behavior goes on at a gun range?  Are you trying to tell me that the person who shoots that molester needs to use the insanity defense or even be brought to charges at all?  As the God of raining thunderbolts is my witness I think he did the world a favor!  And that is just my humble opinion!

So in the above experience why didn't I tell anyone?  I already knew that the management was of low character.  A boy is sexually molested by the highest authority in a church school the priest are you going to ask him why he didn't tell anyone?  He see's the chief of police buddy buddy with the Catholic Priest and doesn't want to tell the police either.  What wrong can you say about that boy?  Does that boy then have thoughts that border on insanity?

I just have to ask.  How come the above people in examples who did bad things don't know any better than that?  The son's of men know better than that.  How come you don't?

Post Script!!!

But what if there were a race of people among us who would give us medicine that sterilized us under the guise of psychiatric medicine whereby the motive of doing so was to soak up that:  loss of Holy Spirit Energy to one person being a gain in life energy to another?  The devil is quite horrific isn't it!

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