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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Republican Debate 02 06 2016

The Republican Debate 02 06 2016

Chris Christie stated that if we raise taxes the Billionaires will leave the United States! 

I say that would be the best thing that ever happened to the United States!


Cruz is right about rules of engagement.  However the truth is that we should not be in those places in the first place.

Both Trump and Cruz are advocating treason with regard to their desire to torture.  Cruz okay's waterboarding.  Trump okays waterboarding and much worse.  Rubio okays it too.

To become President you have to take an oath to protect the Constitution.  They are indeed betraying that before they ever get in office!  Barack Obama needs to do something about them today!  However he can't because he himself is violating it with the Second Amendment.

Waterboarding is indeed torture.  How many times have they stopped the heart of someone that they water boarded only to revive them?  These are very sick men we are seeing want to become President of the United States!  Very sick!


Trumps idea of making a deal is kissing someone!


Bush wants to weaken environmental regulation by putting it back to the state level!  Think about lead in the water in Michigan!  That is exactly what that dodo head means but he doesn't even know!


What are these politicians like on stage?  It is like they are all fighting to claim the event as their own Birthday Party.


They don't have real answers on heroin.  I would execute every single known drug dealer!  So what about Mexico?  Clearly it is sponsored by the Mexican Government. And they are far more dangerous to the United States than anyone in the Middle East.

These adult males are all jackals!


If you thought the terrorist attacks on the United States have been bad so far; then you know nothing of War!  The Republicans want to go over there and take the oil?  Am I the only one who see's New York ending up a rubble city because of that?  Same with Chicago, Florida, and California?

We have not been conducting ourselves like men in the middle east!  And the Army should not be the oasis for the adult male who can't make it in the world because he can't listen and learn.  They have raped women over there and recorded it.  Our forces have done horrible things!  EVEN TO OUR OWN SERVICE MEN! (Sexual molestation of men by adult males.  Hooking on heroin.) Who are the jackals kidding?  Who are the jackals kidding?  So how can you use an army like that?  That only gets us into a war where the bombs start falling here!  That is where these jackals are taking us!


Trump on Police?  I wouldn't mind if a Police Officer killed a drug dealer or pimp!  But what I would mind is a Police Officer who would abuse that power to just kill people he didn't like and frame them up.  Trump say's Police are afraid of losing their jobs?  We made need to get rid of the Police force all together.  And let the militia handle the drug dealers and pimps.   What is the truth about the Police?  They don't want to get shot!  A militia isn't that cowardly!  Good men are indeed called to duty to clean up their neighborhoods.  Good men don't want to put up with criminalized neighborhoods.  Let a militia of the good men root that out!  You cannot allow the use of deadly force by someone who couldn't even graduate from High School!  You cannot give the power of life and death to adult males who have effeminated minds!  Commute to work on a farm.  I don't want to make you homeless!

So you are going to let Cruz be responsible for this?  When his own sister was a drug user?  How many people did she give the drugs to?  Cruz seems to act like the most powerful person there is.  How come he didn't push to go after the person who gave his sister the drugs?  I couldn't make heroin for myself and I would never have any desire to do so!  Same goes for meth and cocaine.

The reason they won't go after the drug dealers is because of personal weakness on the issue!  As in "I took some too once!"  "I know a nice friend who passed some out for once."  Do you know what I believe in failed leadership like that?  Poetic justice you weak kneed wimps!  You would protect my family from it because of your personal weakness I could care less if it happens to someone like you who would in effect obstruct justice for the rest of us!  You are part of the problem!  A big part of it!


Christie on our Military?  Our military is abusing this country more than anything else.  Per our Constitution we are not even supposed to have one!

Should women be allowed to register for the selective service?  The truth is that they have displaced many men in corporate management positions.  That negatively affects our worldwide image.  In terms of things like oil business, pollution etc.  What I am getting at is that Corporate actions have preceded us being in the middle east!  So you either get women out of Corporate management and government or you include them in the draft. 

But you could never include a lady like my mother in the military!  So you have to make a discernment.  How are those women different from ladies?  You are going to find that they have a genetic difference and brain abnormality that is currently considered normal!

What kind of a woman is that you would include in a draft?  One like Ted Cruz heroin using sister!  One like Carly Fiorina or Hilary Clinton.  How could you not include Hilary Clinton in a draft?  Are you screwed corked in the brain?  She could potentially control the military but would be exempt from the draft?  You people are sickly stupid!


And what about firing people in Government?  For treason!  For foot dragging!  For contradicting your intent!  Yes!  For obstructing the executive office yes!  A President should also be able to remove a Governor!  You get some fool who pumped mental retardation lead into the water pipes?  Not only should a President be able to remove that Governor he should be able to have him executed for treason!  Enough of my spoiled son is good enough to do any job or career there is in the United States!  Enough of that!  A President should also be able to immediately have management of Corporations REMOVED!


Hilary believes that all abortion should be legal!  I agree with Hilary on that!  Hilary is right!

The reason these dodoos are pro-life is because they have undetectable mental retardation with strong verbal ability.  What we really need here is the medical profession to diagnose that genetically or through brain xrays!  And people like that should be barred from empowerment!  No more whiskey sh17 kids!


Chris Christie reminds me of what a Fatty Boombalati is!  He is the quintessential Fatty Boombalatti!

Then they got real cute and asked them who they wanted in the Superbowl!

Here is what I have to say about Professional Sports.  What do sports really teach children?  To rudely stand in someone's way at the grocery store!  And to be a spoiled rude person like that in every aspect of your life.  And the gestalt of Donald Trump fitting that pig snout image is forming with me.

You would think that there would be at least one candidate that didn't have a policy flaw or more?  But there isn't!  What does that tell you?  They have all been pre-okayed by the wealthy.  To put it genetically it means that they have the minds of queers!

Who wants to look at Kucinich batty grandmother eyes?

Christie really means he serves the people who gave him the cake to eat!

Jeb Bush?  You can't tell me those aren't Down's Syndrome eyes!  Enough of that!

Ben Carson?  I think he might have shivered at the notion of all known drug dealers being executed.

Rubio?  If I have to listen to that androgynous whining effeminate voice once more!!!  What is he doing there?

Cruz?  Cruz makes a very good point about going to Iowa and saying he will end the Ethanol giveaway.  What does it tell us about Iowans?  The majority are not the wealthy farmer who benefits from it!  OR that Iowa is filled with people who don't want a handout!  They want to earn their money!  Hoorah!  Don't have your li77le kids demonize the minds of men!  Be true to your belief system!  It is not enough that you want to compete in fairness you should also be of the opinion that you are not afraid of competition?  You are not the sore loser who wants to eliminate competition or give them mental illness from retard attrition.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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