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Sunday, February 14, 2016

What is the common delusion of the taxpayer funded non declared-war veteran? 02 14 2016

What is the common delusion of the taxpayer funded non declared-war veteran?

That the reason they went into the service was to protect their privilege to be able to drink!  The alcohol only makes them sicker and sicker until they kill themselves.  They have a very high suicide rate.

Perhaps that clause in the Constitution that we are not to have an "Army" for more than two years after a War would do more to protect the non declared-War Veteran than the general citizen as I have interpreted it to be.

Is there a Satanic function in our Government that would seek to further warp the minds of non War veterans to turn them on members of the American Public?  Without a doubt!

And just listen to the drunks voice!  What does it sound like?  It sounds like it has been effeminately masculated through the use of alcohol.  And they love to have a drink because it allows them to talk that way.  Their feminine internal side is their powerful side!  They didn't have a father figure to imprint from.  Their father was that same alcohol queer talker!

So if you hear voices for about 24 hours a day 7 days a week you don't have it bad compared to someone that has the mind of a queer.  And they don't think that you have it bad or else they wouldn't be talking to you, tempting and constantly attempting to ruin you.  It is a queer game to them.  And just as a mentally retarded person can't learn to do the same thing in a different way these people cannot change.

So yeah I understand the cause of your emotionally disturbed pain.  But you know what?  It isn't my fault and it isn't the fault of anyone else who hears voices because of you being spoiled rotten!  It isn't our fault!  You started out life in a negative reality and it is never going to change for you!  But it isn't my fault!  Your only cognition is based on what you gleem from provoking human beings and you will NEVER be happy because of that!  What you think is happiness is really queerness that is ultimately as self destructive to you as anything else.  So you want to play Doctor with the lives of human beings and make them take medicine.  A Doctor could never tell you the truth about yourself because the personal reality of it would be unbearable to you!  You are indeed that weak!  And again everyone see's it in you the same as I do.  So are you going to destroy all of mankind?  Is that your answer to personal happiness?  The reason being that you are not man-kind and never will be!  Because you are not mankind and never will be you should not be making decisions for any of us!  But again that is the only way you attain happiness.  By playing God with the normal.

I am not the first person in your life that told you this!  And you greatly resent it don't you!  What did you do to the first person who told you the truth about yourself?  You got angry at them and acted out on it didn't you!  Because what happens when you have to deal with it personally?  You can't and the answer you come up with is suicide.  I am not here to make a buck out of you!  I don't have to lie to you like those people do!  If getting ahead in a limited liability means lying to people like you then I don't want it;  I couldn't be that!  And do you know what?  It does you no good either!  Why?  Because it just creates more confusion within you that you cannot resolve.  You know that you are no good.  But your sorry mother got around the issue by telling you that you are really someone else instead of yourself.  It isn't true!

So if you believe you were fighting for this country what do you think that means?  You were really fighting to preserve the supreme law of the land which states that I have the inalienable right to talk to you like a man would!  To talk to you as if you were a man too!

But what happens when someone talks to you as if you were also a man?  What happens when they painstakingly explain how to do something to you?  You don't get it do you!  So that causes more unresolved personal conflict with you and your self or lack of self.  You look to find that self you were told was you to solve your personal problems and guess what?  It isn't there is it!  You jug head!  And what then happens?  Then we all have to listen to that voice that is effeminately masculated by alcohol.  It is dull sounding. it is Maud sounding, it is queer sounding, it is sorry sounding, it is hit over the head with two by four sounding, it is helpless sounding, it is irresponsible sounding, it is inhuman sounding, it is whoa always me sounding, it is pure futility, it is Doh Doh sounding.  Now once again what do you think men think when they listen to you?  I just told you jug head!  You don't know how much I would like to take that bottle away from your sorry a55 for good!  But I don't have the power to do that!  I think I should though!  I think I should be granted just that power!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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