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Friday, February 5, 2016

Drugs should not be allowed to carry Brand Names but instead only listed by their full chemical name 02 05 2016

Drugs should not be allowed to carry Brand Names  but instead only listed by their full chemical name  02 05 2016

The pharmacist doesn't even know what those chemical names mean anymore!!!  Just ask them and watch them hem and haw.  And then after awhile of talking look at you with the expression of "I answered your question."

The Doctor does not have the intelligence to write out a full chemical name!  So what!  He can print you out a nontransferable coupon/script to pick one up!

Another valid point here regarding narcotic procurement and selling.  What if all medicines you purchase from a were required to take the first dose of it right there at the pharmacy!

Would that cut down on heroin dealing?  Scratch that!  I believe heroin and narcotics should be completely outlawed.

What are the odds that there are drugs and potencies that can cure any illness or disease within two weeks versus lifelong prescriptions?  100%

What we are seeing today is that pharmaceuticals are causing more disease than they are curing.  Prozac has been linked to causing Down's Syndrome.

Okay just let me ask you this right out of the blue.  Should an unhappy woman ever be having children anyway?  No!  That isn't a marriage of love is it!  That isn't a God given match is it!  God didn't mate those two people when she isn't happy.  So she needs Prozac, gets pregnant and has a mentally retarded child.  What an untenable burden to the human race you have been!  Listen Coward before you get mad at me I dare you to publicly come forth with the truth about the origin of your stolen cognition!

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