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Friday, February 19, 2016

Inventions Needed: Hollow Aluminum Handled Knife that floats 02 19 2016

Inventions Needed:  Hollow Aluminum Handled Knife that floats  02 19 2016

Wouldn't be too hard to make if you had the equipment.  Same process whereby a Aluminum can is formed out of nothing.

But in the meantime someone could come up with two "halves" hollow aluminum handles that could be placed on a blade.


Are they still attempting to say that people who hear voices, whom they labeled schizophrenic, whom they stated have a defect in the front of their brains because those labeled schizophrenic don't have a gap there; are not as smart as the general population;  we are a lot smarter aren't we!

Are these "strong" men going to wait to admit it until the oceans are filled with plastic and everyone everywhere is dying?

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