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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Where the Androgynous Voice Comes from 02 07 2016

Where the Androgynous Voice Comes from 02 07 2016

So I am sitting in a restaurant yesterday when I see that there is a Down's Syndrome person sitting with two women about 5 tables away from me.

Down's Syndrome people have that androgynous voice!  As does Marco Rubio and Chris Christie!

But what happened next?  That Down's Syndrome person turned his head to the right and pointed it upwards at an angle.  Then he stuck out his tongue.  That tongue had to have been 7 or 8 inches long!

And I don't know if the woman to his right queued him up to do that on demand by saying to him, "Show him how you clean my clock," or not.

So where does the androgynous voice come from?  It comes from keeping that tongue unnaturally retracted in their mouths!!!!

Many Catholic Priests have that androgynous voice too!

But the truth is that women like men like that!  So this mongoloid has a very good chance and getting a hot looking date!  And he has the whole of the Republican Party backing him, including Cathy McMorris Rogers!

Nun is the 14th letter in the Hebrew Alphabet and its symbol is a snake!

What do the families with autism say?  That they are a tight knit community.

Do you get it yet?

I also believe that any man who has that androgynous voice should NEVER be allowed on any police force or military force.  NEVER!


A major win for people who are demonized by voices happened yesterday.=

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