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Friday, February 5, 2016

We are not a Democrcy we are a Cretinocracy 02 05 2016

We are not a Democracy we are a Cretinocracy 02 05 2016

Meritocracy means "I earn strength"  Merit = strength  cracy=earn.  And merit is weighted more heavily towards intelligence, meaning strength of intelligence in problem solving ability rather than physical strength.

In a Cretinocracy the large cretin who lacks intelligence rules.  As in the land of Goliath!  Why are we a Cretinocracy today?  Look who is paid the most in the United States?  The Cretin athlete!  Also the Cretin corporate manager who pollutes and calls it earnings?  If you create an untenable future environmental liability with your poly plastic profits you did not earn a thing!  You are a national shame but your mother would never allow you to believe it!


Cretin might come from Krit or crete.  Where Greek mythology coming from?  The land of the Gods?  Hence indeed a retard is a God!  I just proved who is the voice of God in the Bible and in humanity that mocks, tempts and demonizes the minds of men to cause schizophrenia?  By equating retard with being a God?

I think more supporting evidence for that line of thought and answer lies in that less popularized greek mythology?

Democracy means the people rule!

The people do not rule in the United States anymore!

It is like being forced to buy one of two junker cars from a used car salesman with no other options; that isn't a democratic choice.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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