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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Whoever has the most money pays the ballot box rigger??? 02 06 2016

Whoever has the most money pays the ballot box rigger???  02 06 2016

What do they need that much money for in an election?  I think that wealthy parents donate so that the money is then given to their children in the forms of paid services??

Look at the amounts of money raised in a Governors election, $10 million per candidate?  How much would signs cost?  A tiny tiny fraction of that.  How much does a tank of gasoline cost to travel in your state?

What was Scott Walker doing in Europe?  Giving more jobs to people overseas?  Screening for new EB5 immigrants to come to the United States?  To serve as liaisons to countries that manufacture goods with slave labor?

So where does the money go?  Does it go to pay off the Electoral College in the above manner?

Did we get this Spoil System put in place from FDR?  That would have been post 1932.


New article.  I was reading the DNR magazine that you get with a Conservation Patron license.  And it told the story of an early game Warden in Wisconsin who nearly lost his life to two what the author called transplants from Kentucky.  They were poaching.  But many were also believed to be bootlegging.  They threw an axe at his head twice.  And they only got one year in prison for that?

But the story tells of how that game warden always drank Scotch Whisky when he told his stories.  And how the children listened.  So some of that game wardens activity was during Prohibition and he was a drinker?  I have to discredit him a little because that is a conflict of interest!  I will take it one step further and state that what he supported, the whiskey is exactly what tried to kill him with that axe.

So the question then becomes, did Game Wardens who were patrolling forests not report stills because they liked to drink themselves.  Again alcohol being the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. 

And what of today?  I ran across what looked to be a sum certain meth lab in the forest and contacted the DNR.  They stated it wasn't.  I saw empty bleach sized bottles, coolers and debris.

Okay so you say that isn't my children who use those drugs that is someone else's.  Do you want to know what happens to your children?  Those drugs can be forced on them.  And they are dead from one single does.  After that their is no credibility as to how long they had used the drugs or not!  It is genocide by the Satanic/mentally retarded.  And who are the mentally retarded?  Those who were born birth defective from drug using parents.

I want to know the names of those two Kentucky transplants who tried to kill that game warden.  Did they really do anything positive with their lives after being released from prison?  I doubt it.

But more importantly, you are a Game Warden and you like to drink, you come across Kentucky transplants cooking up Whiskey, what are the odds you ask for some?  What are the odds you tell them you don't have to pay.  What are the odds that is the start of the violent conflict?  Drug conflicts like that happen in the black neighborhood everyday.  And Tutsi Obama blames it on your right to own a gun.


So what also motivated me to write this article?  An article in this mornings Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the title implying that the DNR overlooks big farming polluters in Wisconsin because they have money and influence.

So you have meth labs out in Wisconsin Forests and also a DNR regulation that states you can't have a gun with you in the forest if it isn't hunting season?  Do all those meth lab ingredients make the wildlife far more dangerous?  And haven't the meth users really surrendered their ability to make binding contracts?  What does or should that really mean?  Should it mean that the drug psycho can kill you and get away with it just like a drunk driver does?

I drank for awhile?  And it was fun while I was doing it.  But that is all I know about it.  I have no memory of any of that being worthy of lifetime memories.  I don't think of those drinking times!  I never do!  Lets say I am out fishing.  Do I need a beer?  No!  It is more fun for me without a beer.  I don't drink and can't stand it.  I have heard voices for 25 years and I know it is the mentally retarded.  The best memories I have are of those where alcohol was never involved.  And I loathe the mentally retarded, just as Jesus Christ loathed them.

Who is it that wants to go into a trance whereby they are not responsible for their thinking or their actions?  If that isn't a mentally retarded person I don't know what one is!  If that isn't a criminal minded person I never learned how to read!  But you know that I can read because you know that I can write.  You know that much don't you Danny boy?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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