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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pope Francis is big on Mercy; granting or asking to receive? Here is a term you never heard the Pope or a Catholic Priest say 02 09 2016

Pope Francis is big on Mercy; granting or asking to receive?  Here is a term you never heard the Pope or a Catholic Priest say 02 09 2016

"That will put the fear of Jesus in you!"

They don't say it because the Roman's were not afraid of him.  In fact when he was handed over they made a mockery of him.

But what did they do?  They made a show that they were not physically afraid of him when the reality is his intelligence posed the greatest fear to them in existence!

But you never heard the Priest or a Pope say that did you?  That was never an expression. 

The Church tells us that Jesus was our God.  And you here the term "That will put the fear of God in you."

But you never hear, "That will put the fear of Jesus in you."

Why not?  Because Jesus believed in turning the other cheek.

So we are to fear God.  We know that.  But we don't fear Jesus who was a God because he would turn the other cheek?

And what is that turn the other cheek?  That is a criminal inroad to dominate a country isn't it!  Subvert its justice system with that saying every Sunday at mass.  Turn the other cheek.  Until crime is so rampant that everyone wants to move out.

What if they said, you should fear Jesus Christ you dumb kid because he will have your ear cut off?

What if they said, you should fear Jesus Christ because he will have you euthanized?  (And I believe that is in the Bible in veiled language.)

What would you fear?  The other day at a restaurant I saw a Downs Syndrome person.  They are short and therefore very much stronger than the average man because the less distance between joints in the arms means increased leverage and therefore larger muscles.  But he turned his head to me and then upward at an angle.  Then I saw a 7" tongue come straight up out of his mouth!  A lady would have been nauseated.  But I am one who is used to cleaning fish.

But what if you were being attacked by a short Italian army and they were wearing metal helmets with holes in the mouths?  And as they were attacking you saw those 7" inch tongues coming out and mocking you before you were overpowered by their mass produced weapons.

Now that is something you would be afraid of.

But you never hear "That will put the fear of Jesus in you."  Perhaps it is about time that you did?

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So indeed we know where that androgynous voice comes from don't we.  It comes from that tongue that a person of that genealogy struggles to keep in its mouth.

I wonder if they just didn't show me the real face of God?  Was it indeed the curse, "One cannot see the face of God and live?"

Does the Pope have access to other relevant and true Gospels of the word of Jesus Christ that might give us a more comprehensive view of this?  Pope it is about time you go to that Vatican library and do some real studying.  Have some of your clergy who you say live the life of a schizophrenic person join you and help with the research.  Unless of course you can't get them out of a fixated and homosexual trance enough to concentrate and read.

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