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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What is a Manager 02 10 2016

What is a Manager  02 10 2016

What is that?

Isn't that essentially someone who manipulates the time of your day and finds things to do all of your day for you?

Isn't that essentially the same character as someone who mocks you all day long when you are a person who hears voices?

So what motivates them to be that way?

It is a control issue.  A person who doesn't feel like they are one of us in any way unless they are able to control us.

It is as if they only feel comfortable in the world when they hear a females voices dunning the mind of a MAN!

So what happens when they are separated from that communion to a man or female human being; that is made to that human being under duress?

They become mortally frustrated don't they!

Perhaps there should be no position named Manager allowed to exist in the employment setting of the United States.

And that is indeed Consistent with the Constitution not allowing a title of nobility to exist here as is divine right as was the rule of kings and a title of nobility is not allowed to be granted in the United States.  It would have been legal if it were not for the concept of limited liability.

I believe that separation should occur and be mandated to happen.  And when that spoiled less than man becomes mortally depressed there should be places where he can be incentivized to go.  Rather than him seeking vengeance on those he can no longer control and thereby psychotically wanting to kill them.  Should a horrible person have the right to take their own life?   Should a prison inmate be allowed to walk into an on site suicide room after he has been convicted of cannibalism?  I believe the answer is yes.  That protects the general health and welfare of the United States PEOPLE!  THE PEOPLE!

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And what is a drug user?  It is someone who readily abandons their ability to make legal and binding decisions for themselves?
So what does that make a drug dealer or manufacturer?  Someone that promotes that human beings do not make legal and binding decisions for themselves?  There is no greater filth than that on earth!

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