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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

If being a homosexual is normal why do they have such a high suicide rate 02 03 2016

If being a homosexual is normal why do they have such a high suicide rate?

Because it isn't normal. Just like if a man had Elephantiasis 20 years ago doesn't mean if you get it today it is normal. When you have elephantiasis it isn't normal just because someone else had it!

So they want to say it is normal. Does that mean if a boy has homosexual thoughts it is normal. Or more to the point will the standard transference logic be, if you boy doesn't have homosexual thoughts he isn't normal?

Why do people like this even bother thinking? What business did George Bush have in Politics?

Next they will say that the reason that they commit suicide is because they aren't accepted? What does acceptance translate to again? If your boy doesn't have homosexual thoughts he isn't normal?

How many people live with conditions that the general public doesn't accept and yet they don't commit suicide because of it? A lot of us who hear voices would never kill ourselves and yet we are ostracized by society aren't we! We are stigmatized far more than a homosexual is. And we have far less chance of gainful employment or activity than a homosexual does.

What about people who are declared mentally ill in the United States because they don't accept homosexuality is normal? Just keep pushing that agenda right? So if we don't believe in the authority of Clinton, Bush or Obama??? They never had the authority to define normality did they! And what is that really? It is a violation of your right to free speech because it is a violation of your inalienable right to free thought. Don't say it means don't even think it! What a beast we have among us today!

How old are those men that they can't come to logical conclusions like this? So Clinton can't make logical conclusions like this; that means we should instead listen to his wife? Are you puking yet?

And who thinks like that? The boy who grew up without a father. He thinks like his mother does in all respects doesn't he! Why? Because he was imprinted from her brain! All the way to getting on his knees and performing fellatio! All the way to sticking his hiney up in the air and desiring male attention?

This is the danger of too much female thinking in our Democracy! It is too much of that matriarchal lineage.

Perhaps if you told a homosexual it isn't normal they would be less likely to kill themselves? Not really true is it. Why not? Because they would be forced to believe in a cognitive dissonance issue. They could no longer believe in themselves. And that is a danger to them isn't it. So make everyone else believe in someone so that they can believe in themselves? Obama, Bush and Clinton all have queer thinking don't they!

Do you really want to know where this comes from? It comes from Divine Right and the horrors of religion. It comes from this spoiled belief system. If I can make the son of a man not believe in himself than he won't believe in himself either! How will I do that Bush and Putin asked? If I demonize his mind with voices!! Make enough people not believe in themselves and you can get them to believe whatever your queer mind wants them to. And if they don't wield that divine right and punish them. This is exactly why we declared our independence!

So his mother told him it was normal. And he finds himself fighting along men in a war and realizes it isn't normal. Or better yet he attains a high rank in the military and sexually molests other men because he thinks it is normal. It isn't. Just like a man having an elephant head isn't normal.

Lets get into it a little further. Chaney doesn't really think like a man does he. Then he has a daughter who is a lesbian. What are the odds of it happening like that? And then he advocates torture. Why? The truth is that they do that because they hate themselves. Absent human beings to be around and control what happens to them? You get it! That hate turns inward doesn't it! Or it is directed upon their family isn't it.

And here is the next part to that divine right belief system. “No one will be able to tell that I am wrong!” Do you know that every criminal who committed a crime had that same thought process. Premeditated? But can you really say it is premeditated when it is really the lifelong product of the thinking of an imbecile? So the theories and constructs given to us by what has been called scientific academia are starting to erode right before your eyes.

Off topic. But what about Latin. The Catholic Church is all in Latin. Where does that come from? Was it Israelite language? Now I have to research this a bit and my father would say I am stupid for not knowing if he were alive today. But let me ask you this. With all this transgender movement... I read the Papyrus Ebers an ancient Egyptian script and it tells of the transgendered. But does the word Nun...does it come from Latin... does it really mean a man who thinks like a woman and has none or a woman that thinks like a man that has NONE or a person that has “NONE” gender mental identity or NONE human soul? A human soul being comprised of human reason and human conscience.

And I do understand how you might hate this. The reason being that you don't think like this at all and can't. And I do have pity on you.

Might I ask you this? What happens when we reverse evolution and empower the less evolved? One could say that they just create more and more less evolved. And isn't that what birth defects are? And don't birth defects come from pollution and poisons. And are those produced by Corporate management. Did I just prove corporate management is less evolved? Yes I did!\

Now just because I don't believe in homosexuality doesn't mean that I don't believe in those of that belief system! It is like this. Your son does something wrong because he was influenced by a bad kid; does that mean you stop believing in your son? No. It means that bad kid should not have been around? Do you see who I don't believe in?

I can accept you but that doesn't mean I have to accept your behavior. Antiquated concept in teaching and raising children.

A single mother wouldn't know to tell her son anything else would she.  And she did the very best that she could.  So here I am getting into the dangers of the pro life movement.  What it really means for boys to be imprinted by a female mind?

Academic/science regarding all the above is all contrived supposition isn't it!


Should you have to pay to get your ideas patented or should the government really be paying you?  As far as I am concerned that is all we got from communist "ONE-STEIN"

It is anti meritocracy just like Scott Walker not wanting a Government Employee to have to pass a meritocracy test.  And that is what we got from a College flunky!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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