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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bill AB640 Spells Asian Carp in Every Lake and River in Wisconsin 02 03 2016

Bill AB640 Spells Asian Carp in Every Lake and River in Wisconsin 02 03 2016

Your kids will not be able to go swimming anymore!  They will be drowning left and right from it?  Just like how the fish fly up out of the water and are known to cut boaters heads???

Bill AB533 completely misses the point of who is causing human beings to seek the benefits in the first place.  This legislature is either out of touch with reality or corrupt.

Bill AB600 looks like a long term planned giveaway to private interests.  First you build a lakefront extension using public dollars.  Then many years later you allow a developer to build on it?  And is the taxpayer going to get duped for those construction costs?  How many construction workers with below High School IQ are retiring as millionaires before the age of 30, 40 or 50?  It is one of the worst forms of Government welfare!

When Bill AB489  was voted down it leaves it to the subjective discretion of the health care worker as to whether to report if a child is being abused or not!  And what about masturbation?  Did that bill want to know whether your child is masturbating;  what does some hypothyroid eyed black person want to ask you?  Are you playing with your penis?  Perhaps it is indeed an indicator that the child was abused that they do that.  But what that English Queer woman really wants is the power to tell you that you can't play with your penis if you would want to! Then she wants to look you in the eye real serious like and tell you that you can only do it if she approves of it or if you are thinking of her when you do it!  Or only if her son Leroy Stein is allowed to observe you in some way while you do it.  Where did these odd people come from?  We need to bar women from Government and Corporate management positions in order to save the human race!

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