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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cross Linking Agents in glues and paints 02 11 2016

Cross Linking Agents in glues and paints 02 11 2016

I believe that the chemistry in these is so toxic that they had to have been developed from biological warfare research or cadaver research.

And perhaps we might see people in this industry face crime against humanity charges that parallel the trial of Nazi's post WWII.

Essentially with regard to wood they permeate the cells and link from one to the next.

What happens when you inhale that?  What does that do to the cells in your body?  Could it cause degenerative diseases?  I will assert without one single doubt!

Could it decrease your lifespan?  Without one single doubt.

How long do they last in your body before excreted?  Whatever that amount of time is it is an unsafe amount.

Products like that should not be sold unless the user has proof of a hosed in air supply device.  Or if the glue or paint comes with such a device that forces clean air into a hood with a transparent front. 

I don't have "undisturbed" access to chemical search databases but if I did I could indeed figure out and confirm the origin of these chemicals.

~to protect the General Health and Welfare of the People.  Isn't very interesting how the Republicans want that to seem like a crime?

If men had been in power this would not have happened!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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