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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ground or simple solutionized Acetaminophen can make it look like you died of alcoholism when you were poisoned 02 11 2016

Ground or simple solutionized Acetaminophen can make it look like you died of alcoholism when you were poisoned 02 11 2016

What am I getting at?  The year was about 1991 when I graduated from college. And I was at a famous Irish college bar on North Avenue.  The bartender poured us tappers and then I saw him cup his hand over one of those plastic cups seemingly for no reason.  I got very sick after that.  And could not drink alcohol since.  I saw that same bum of a bartender at the Sears store closing at Bayshore Mall a few years back.  Somehow filth knows where you will be.

So what am I getting at?

There were over 10,000 coroners reports forged in New Jersey by an India Indian women.  New Jersey is an abutment state to New York.  The only reason you forge that many is if you are on the take from organized crime.  Gypsy gold Watch mailed out payout is how that worked with Bernie Madoff.

But so what got me thinking along these lines?  Yesterday I read that Donald Trumps older brother died of alcoholism at 42 years of age.  That the dynasty family blamed the wife.  That Donald had her and his children cut out of the family health insurance when one of their children needed it most.  And perhaps I am not getting these facts exactly right!  And that is a big problem I have when sons take the exact same first name as their fathers!  It allows for..

But I remember watching Donald Trump on the "Regis"  morning show.  Saying that he goes directly after an individual.  To me that is a vindictive personality.

What am I getting at?  Then recently I was reading how a big media brand name science fiction series actor was found dead in the swimming pool, she was bruised in a few places and he had her cremated the next day.

Let me tell you something person diagnosed with schizo.  Absolutely NEVER go to a bar and order alcohol!  NEVER!  Do not order coffee at a restaurant either!  There are many who are of your "School of thought" and they are motivated by mental retardation to have you offed after you are educated and they are educated from you.

I am not making any accusations here.  But I believe that many who have died of alcoholism have been poisoned in the above manner.   I could say more right here but that is enough.

I also believe that certain bodies should be exhumed and analyzed for signs of toxic chemicals as per above.  In addiction to Acetaminophen, Tetracycline and many other drugs could likely give you liver cancer to when combined with alcohol in my humble opinion.

Also that heroin coming into the United States is used for the exact same reason.  Plausible deniability of murder.  And even Church leaders can be implicated in this scheme!

I think that the Department of Justice should be cracking on this one immediately.  And perhaps this would indeed serve to vindicate and honorate some people??  (Honorate?  Should I just use honor?  Honorate seems more intensive to me.  It isn't a word actually it is!!!

One more point.  Alcohol is also being used to hide disease and cause murder isn't it!  Alibi free murder!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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