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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Fat Black Woman Welfare Swagger 02 28 2016

The Fat Black Woman Welfare Swagger 02 28 2016

Do you know what happens if Donald Trump becomes President with Chris Christie as his running mate? Donald will become just as fat as Chris Christie is! All they will be doing is eating with each other all the time! You can see it already when they walk together! It isn't a masculine walk it is more of a Fat Black Welfare Woman Swagger!

And both Donald Trump and Chris Christie are the greatest beneficiaries of welfare that there is! Corporate welfare.

So then Donald gets fat and the next thing you hear is about how this wife divorces him too!

But look at Christ Christie? If he owned a home with a yard do you think he would do any of the work on it himself? No, he would complain!

Here is what a person like that is. Ask them to do some work around the house and they say that they can't because they have arthritis. But that doesn't stop them from using a knife and fork in each hand and shoveling the food in their sloth hole mouths! Then after that we have to pay so that they can go sit in the corner and drink a very expensive craft brew!

Indeed you can tell a lot about someone by who they are friends with and who they chose to be friends with. Where they have commonality is the key!

Donald says' he likes to build things but I have to wonder if he ever even would make the right of passage to manhood status and be able to make something constructive with his own two hands.

So just a moment ago on the television in the other room Chris Christie was speaking. What did I say from the room I was in? “Could you please turn that down it is like there is a fat rat in my house when he is talking on the television!” That is my belief! And I have every right to say it! And I have every right to write and tell you what I said!


So last night I was watching a video that showed how brutal King Leopold was with Africans. He made them gather rubber for the rubber industry. And he cut off some of their hands and is said to have killed 10 million of them in genocide.

My initial reaction was, this man isn't one of us! There has to be something genetically different about Leopold, likely a same defect as what is believed to be the homosexual gene or the inbreeding homosexual gene.

People like that should have their entire family lines euthenized.


But then I slept a little more sound last night and when I awoke I started to think of it a little differently.

What if your boat went off course and you ended up in Africa during those times. They put you on a stake and ate your head. They then raped and murdered any females of any age that were on your boat.

And we have all seen the videos of black parties in the United States where they are dragging the black girl by the ankles and wrists to a back room to be gang raped. “I'm done with her its your turn.” So don't you dare accuse me of being delusional or a racist. That girl, and usually it is the very pretty one, is likely sterile from papilloma virus or a prolapsed uterus. So I don't want to here your whining liberal Mr. Buttermouth argument!

And after that there still aren't any white people there just like when you first got there. Nobody wants to ask the question what happened to them?

You could not leave a liability place like that that way on earth! You would have a duty to the human race to attempt to bring civilization there.

Blacks in America. What father would ever okay his daughter marrying a pot addict? But they do that all the time don't they! That is indicative that there is a race among us both black and white that isn't a race of men!

And the black mother in Africa was stated to give her baby boy pot in order to calm him down. We know without a doubt that it causes mental retardation much worse than alcohol is stated to have.

So you get over there in Africa and we find out that they don't want to be themselves, they want to be you but after a while they know longer want you to be you. So they figure out a way to make a zombie out of you.

So where does that go to in Africa and in the United States? No one wants to live in a mud hut! We like homes. Now a man could indeed make his own home out of brick or wood if he need be. But that pot smoker will never be able to do that! He and she are pathetic!

So what about the person who doesn't want to work, but not only that they don't want man to work either.

You give them a big house what do they do with it? They fill it with more people until it become a pig sty.

Now I used to feel sorry for the little factory worker living in his little cottage style home. But guess what, that is probably about the biggest home that he can manage! All he needs are those four walls and a corner to sit in and lament with a 50 cent can of beer.

So you come to a country of the mentally retarded whereby they victimize the smartest so that they can live off of that soul. Meanwhile creating more and more mentally retarded through the use or marijuana. What do you do? Do you attempt to be one of them? Is that what you want? Do you live in a dirty mud hut too?

Now it stated that King Leopold didn't want them to be educated? I don't know if that is 100% true. Likely it was their own mother that was giving them pot that resented the intelligence of man! So is that the type of world you want to live in?

I have worked with people who think they are someone else. They will say, “I know how a do dat. I know how a do dat.” And you show them how to do it patiently half a dozen times. And then say to them sternly listen it is your time to do that. And they end up hurting themselves and crying. Not only is that person a danger to themselves they are also a danger to you!

You give that person a knife to climb up a tree and cut down some parts to extract rubber from and they end up cutting themselves and losing a hand. Well it didn't happen that way??? Makes you wonder.

But what is an African mud hut tribe? It is a communal (communist) welfare state.

But what do chimpanzees (or some breed of monkey) in trees do? They have sex with all members of the tribe no matter what sex or age. And indeed Bernie Sanders made a comment in some writing somewhere, maybe fiction? Promoting sex of adult males to little girls. And I abhor that any of this writing might be helping Hilary Clinton. So let's be fair to the American public and get her off the drugs, rat poison chemical called Coumadin or warfarin used as a blood thinner so that the veins in her brain drain from all the congestion due to the stress from fabricating and spouting all the lies she is promoting to the rest of us as if they are really her beliefs,.... so that she can come down to her natural state and be her natural self. Wouldn't that be fair to the American public? Once again the definition of Estrangement is “Deferring from the original possessor!” Take her off the blood thinners and she would be the poster child of what a human being should never become!


So you don't believe black girls are jealous of the 4.0 black girl students? Look at the case that happened in Chicago where they shot one!! That communal jungle that zombifies people is real! And you know what? Maybe she was better off that way that getting a job in the Corporate world whereby she comes to realize that those wealthy, spoiled, queer, odd, brats are just as bad as the hood thugs she was trying to rise up out from!


Would we have any of these problem people without alcohol? We would still have some but they could indeed be managed by the prison system! Today we have prison guards and for that matter judges that belong in the Prison system themselves!


And don't get me started on Rubio. Attending foam parties at gay bars so that he can sodomize a white boy? (National Enquirer article; also where the Bernie Sanders mud came from) And Cruz is just as estranged too! They are all bad! And we should not have to put up with this!


I believe we need to use the valid judicial system in order to thin the white race so that we can indeed bring it back to the state of character of those who founded the nation of the free.


Again here is what the beast is.

“I don't want to be me.”

“I want to be you.”

“But I don't want you to be you anymore!”


Military welfare has also been a highly destructive influence!


So you think that I am a racist? I'm not and here is proof! Just ask Dontre Hamilton who heard voices how he feels about the communal one mind for all principle.


Enjoy your dirty mud hut!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 02 28 2016 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.

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