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Saturday, February 6, 2016

What I do for a back ache 02 06 2016

Also if you ever get a bulging disk in your back I have personally found that the best thing to do for it is to take that chocolate flavored laxative! You can go from not walking one day because of pain to walking the next. My father had lower back problems too! But when did they occur? From long drives! What happens on long drives? They are constipating because your upper legs are at a right angle to your torso and your lower legs a right angle to your upper legs. I would also recommend a laxative for anyone who they state is suffering from congestive heart failure. Whenever my father had to go to the hospital for heart ailments as soon as he was able to defecate he was better. He was on Pravachal. I looked in the stool once and there was a baseball sized feces that was hard as a rock. I tried to break it with the "toilet stick" but it was hard! And he was an elderly man. His last days in the hospital I begged them to give him a laxative but the Hispanic b1tch nurse wouldn't. When they finally did he went and went and went but the damage was already done and it was too late. Those cholesterol drugs cause something you have never heard of before which I call feces stones!

That nurse was waiting for me to cause trouble so that she could call the police!  Like you can see a cat wants to pounce!

That junk food diet is what is causing lower back problems!  But don't believe me.

And always see your medical Doctor and ask his advice.


Our health care industry in the United States is pure satanic filth!  (Except for that gal who gave my arm two stiches a few weeks ago when I accidently cut it with a saw.)

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