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Friday, February 19, 2016

Media Propagandizing and Promoting Estranged Candidates 02 19 2016

Media Propagandizing and Promoting Estranged Candidates  02 19 2016

That is all you see on Facebook!  Political Candidate with estranged expressions on their faces!  Every day a new photograph like that is somehow managed to be taken?  That or the alternative is that these are all estranged people?

What American has Confidence in people like that?  What American should have confidence in people like that?



The only photographs that we see are ones of estrangement!  But who are they looking at?  They are looking directly at the American People aren't they!  Who do they think we are?  What do they want to believe about us that isn't true about us?  That we are controlled by estranged facial expressions?  That estranged people should control our daily lives?

What does the word Estranged mean?

You would swear this is another one of those sick CIA operations that they never own up to!

Estranged means:

Probably the best definition of estrangement is "To divert from the original use or possessor."

So if a person didn't have their own mind in life but had someone else's that is all they could be right?  Someone that diverts from the original use or possessor of that mind."

What else does estranged mean?  Alienated! It means that person is displaying an emotion that they do not feel like they are a true one of us?   'To turn away in feeling or affection.'  Isn't that indeed what the rich people do to the homeless every single day!

So that is what the media believes is the image of power and strength?

But more to the point what kind of a parent did someone who displays constant estranged emotions among us have?  What kind of parent purposefully or willfully or negligently ALIENATED their own child!  It is really a lot more sick than you could ever imagine!

So look at the gestalt of the above America and World and realize that is your future!

You just wish that they were less than ten feet away from you so that you could mutter under your breath, "No estranged looks tootsie."

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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A voice somewhere once said to me,  "Do you know how hard it is to get good people?  Just put them on Tom Murphy's sh1t list!"

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