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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Demasking Political Debates: Is the candidate good at responding or good at responding with something you agree with 03 03 2016

Demasking Political Debates:  Is the candidate good at responding or good at responding with something you agree with 03 03 2016

There is a big difference isn't there!

The Politician up there fighting believes that all they have to be is good at responding.  That is pure showmanship and that is not what the United States is about.

You have to always think about and add the depth and natural conclusions of what they are saying when they are responding.  The emotion they are laden with is designed to distract you from doing so and thinking about matters further.

And the sad truth is that most people don't have the ability to comprehend what they are saying and what it actually implies and means for them personally!

It is a little bit like this.  "You said this________ do you know that it really means this____."

Look at what the above shooting from the hip really implies?  More and more trouble and liability for the United States down the road.

What bothers me about Trump is that plain and simple he shoots from the hip.  What does that really mean?  It means every time he makes a decision and then waffles on it in the meantime a lot more problems are created.  It is good to be flexible.  However you have to use all the best information and thinking before you make decisions.  So, again, you don't create greater problems from the waffeling. 

Do you see it?  How many things and decisions that if he were allowed to make them he would never change his mind later on and keep dragging us down the same way.  He only changes his mind today because he hasn't got what he wants yet!  Once he get's what he want's, power, he is not going to change his mind.

How do we know this is true?  Because if he had the ability to contemplate matters to the degree required he would not have to worm out the way he does.  And he doesn't like worming out, so once he has the power he isn't going to.

So he had a lot of failures in business.  So the question becomes; why did our banking system keep lending to him?  You and I don't really get that opportunity do we!  We can't borrow like he does.  However many mistakes he makes.  That has to change.  Money can't be that easy.

But what don't I like about the political process?  It favors people who are like Donald Trump, confidently just say anything without the insight and contemplation required to make the decision.  As if important matters are just hurdles to jump over!

And part of this problem is due to the media too isn't it!  Asking one line questions without explaining your full knowledge of the situation.  That isn't helpful.  But the reason they ask questions without full knowledge is because they don't have full knowledge nor the ability to discern what would be required.  It is kind of like, "Here Horsey Trump would you like a sugar cube?"  Is the question they ask.  And the Politician always answers, "Yes I would like a sugar cube."

"You have three cavities in your mouth.  If I offered you a sugar cube again like I have been doing would you take it."

"No I think it is important to be flexible. At that time when you offered me those sugar cubes......"

"Okay forget about that, would you like a jelly baby now."
"Yes I would like a jelly baby."

Mr. Trumps "Oh Please" is really starting to bother me.  "Oh please Dad will you give me a million Dollars to start off a business."  He say's it so much it reminds me of a spoiled brat that begged for everything in life.  And now he is begging from us.

If you think those questions are not rigged, how come they didn't ask Rubio the gay question like they did the other three?

And here is how dumb the Ohio guy is.  He is asked about water.  He is asked about ...  And they all want that to be at the State level.  Everything at the state level.  What happens when you do that is you just have more and more irresponsible behavior like the lead in the water in Michigan.  What does that amount to?  It is a broadening application of limited liability borrowed from corporate America and being applied to Government policy.  Horrific!

And Cruz on Gun Control?  Is he attempting to tell us that the Supreme Law of the Land the Constitution can be broken by a string of legal decisions that amount to something totally different than the Constitution and in fact the exact opposite of it over time?  It is the Supreme Law of the land and all other laws have to conform with it!  That is what makes Cruz dangerous on everything; he is implying something different and misleading the American public.  He and those like him who have operated this way don't belong there.  Instead of "Oh Please" it is "I will semantically rephrase it this way so no one understands what I am trying to do."

They are all deeply flawed!

An honest politician will answer the question.

But what is more important than this is the interplay between the media and the politician.  The media purposefully asking questions that the politician isn't prepared to answer, not to stump the politician but to allow the politician to distract the public about what is important!  Do you see it?

So what is the purpose of this media today?  To prevent the American public from figuring out that they don't belong in the media by diverting the focus away from them.

It just about makes you want to puke.

But the media did make one point.  That Trump funneled money to Hilary.  So let me ask you this.  You can't stand Hilary but yet you don't equate her with trump who donated money to her?  Did I just prove that you yourself have a screw loose in your head? 

What about foreign policy?  Until one of those foreign countries has a Constitution equivalent to the United States perhaps we should turn a blind eye to what goes on there.  Should we send Americans to die for people who live in a country that doesn't have our Constitution?  How do we know what side they are dying for?  How come they don't have the courage and personal strength in those countries to make Governments for their people?  Do you see how that just degrades us?  And for all we know the Americans that are sent over there to fight are people our Administration finds to be a threat because they believe and comprehend how things should be in this country as it pertains to the Constitution better than the likes of them.  Which really implies and collusion of our Government leaders with those of countries who couldn't give a d6m about human rights!  And that really bothers me.  The Second Amendment was meant to take the place of a military.  We know what you were about in those foreign countries!  We can't stand anything about you!  Come to our doorstep and try and take our property in an act of war and you are dead!  Do you get it?  That is why we are not "Little England" today.  But what needs to happen is that every single instance of what was bad in those countries that made its way here has to be made good and gone!  It has been connived to be what it isn't supposed to be in an "Oh please" way.  No one ever likes my limited liability diatribe being a title of nobility as divine right is and is therefore unconstitutional so I will stop here!

What did I see tonight?  Sickness!  It would be a crime to send someone like Bill ORielly (sp?) back to Ireland.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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