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Thursday, March 3, 2016

How people are Satanically Controlled and the real satanic white motivation for integration 03 03 2016

How people are Satanically Controlled 03 03 2016

What the Devil (plural) figured out a long time ago was that if it could convince just one person or dupe them it can indeed convince or dupe a great many who are dependent minded or of the same Holy Spirit of that person.


What was the white satanic motivation for integration?  It was so that the focus would be shifted from the wealthy white children of alcohol drinkers likely mentally retarded and towards one of acceptance.  You never had the thought that white kid who is the son of a wealthy corporate executive who makes his money from unconstitutional liability doesn't belong in this neighborhood; instead it puts the issue to color!!!!  By definition if a person makes their money from a business whereby they are limited in their liability with regard to the people they also are likely to be a rotten person in general and have rotten and mentally retarded kids that are a burden to communities!

The purpose of integration took the focus away from which wealthy children really were not good enough to be in affluent suburbs of higher intelligence and class.

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