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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

On Circumcision 03 02 2016

On Circumcision 03 02 2016

So I started to think about this when I read that two rabbis had transmitted the herpes virus to baby boys that they had circumcised through the blood letting sucking ritual whereby the Rabbi sucks the just circumcised penis.

Passing a virus to a child likely causes developmental problems.  And I really can't understand what type of man would want to do that.  Which leads me to ask the question if some time in history they were not forced into doing that?  Is there a precedent that could explain how that could have happened?  The Essene Jews kept an exiled Priest.  By exiled I read imprisoned.  The children of that Jewish religion were raised by an evil master and where juxtaposed between the exiled priest and the evil master.

What else could be transmitted to a boy through that sucking?  The aids virus?  Lichen Planus?  Arthritis?  Yeasts?  A whole list of things.  Would some of them cause the developmental disability of mental retardation?  Would some of them more likely make a person an early age drug dependent or better candidate for a drug dealer to market to?  Might even make one more susceptible to alcoholism?  Could mouth germs transmitted to babies in that manner also cause encephalitis?  Autism?

But also in the Bible we learn that circumcision is a Covenant with God.  So what God?  Was it really Jezebel who personally killed 10,000 profits and was finally dispatched by Elijah.

But what does the God of nature and creation have to say about circumcision.  Man wasn't made that way by God was he!  Man is indeed stated to be created in Gods image.  So that means uncircumcised man is indeed in Gods image.  So why did God make man uncircumcised and why did the false God want circumcision?

It is really simple translational logic to me.  That Foreskin acts like a plunger to pull the ova down from its high resting place and thereby better facilitate a healthy pregnancy.  And lets say it really doesn't have that suction power like I say, a scientist would try to form a petty argument.  Well at least that pressure difference would indeed send a signal to that ova (egg.)

So if indeed you take away that foreskin do you have a less high fertility rate?  It is usually white people who are circumcised and it has been stated that the birth rate of white people has gone down and is not as high as the other races.

I have speculated that that race that performs circumcision may have been created by the black race as a way to infiltrate and destroy the white race.

But who would want a circumcised penis in men over an uncircumcised penis?  To be very blunt, "A COCK SUCKER!"

And does a circumcised penis lead to more masturbation and dissemination of real men's Holy Spirit?  Whereby that same female Cocksucker, perhaps Jezebel a real evil woman, somehow how is better able to spry what men do through that disseminated Holy Spirit?  I will assert that too!  It makes it easier for that beast of a woman to make a man hear voices and thereby demonically possess and ruin man.  Why?  She was born into eternal perdition and misery.

And she would have just the kind of evil person to force men to circumcise baby boys and then suck those penises?  What is it really?  It is a sick fixation and perversion with regard to male anatomy which likely only occurred because of domination by an evil woman?

That sickness or desire to sexually molest boys also has been found prevalent in the Catholic Priesthood.  I think that type of person (male) has a genetic anomaly that makes them not cognitively like men.

There are clean men and there are dirty men, whether you have a foreskin or not doesn't determine if you are a clean man or a dirty man.

And more importantly how many things we don't even know are illnesses today or new undiscovered illnesses will be transferred to baby boys by that sucking blood letting ritual?

But who is right?  The God that created us as man or the God who mocks the thoughts of men and tells us we are a stiff necked people.  That she controls who has the talents and who doesn't?

I think you already know don't you!

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PS.  A Covenant like that could have only been made with a whore or prostitute.  Because she is a whore or prostitute by definition she is likely mentally defective or retarded.  Because she is mentally retarded the only way that she can survive among us is through witchcraft? Hence that Coven-ant with God means God is really a mentally retarded whore.  And that is who is demonizing the minds of men and women with voices in their heads!  Science has proven that the mentally retarded can only learn how to do something one way!  What is the reaction when you attempt to teach them another way?  Extreme agitation as was the character of Rain-man?  Perhaps even violence as in Alzheimer's.

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