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Friday, July 12, 2013

Fishing Secrets and This is a very good catch for me!

If you have an old fishing rod and the epoxy on the windings of the guides is starting to get brittle do what I did.  Take a standard two part epoxy and add graphite powder to it.  Then wipe it on those rod windings.  It helps preserve them by preventing ultraviolet light from "Bleaching" the thread and it makes them stronger because it has a graphite matrix in it.  I also try to work a little where the guide comes out from the windings in order to prevent the guide from slipping out under pressure.
You can buy the graphite powder at an art supply store.  I bought mine at Ultrecht.  Per my memory it cost about $7.  , I believe somebody bought them out.  And I just used regular epoxy that I bought from Harbor Freight for $1.49.

This is a good catch for me
Two Northern Pike
One 26 1/2 inches

The other ~28"

Caught on 07 11 2013

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