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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anti Schizophrenic hate speech 08 20 2014

Anti Schizophrenic hate speech 08 20 2014
If a homosexual police officer can come to your front door and arrest you for homosexual hate speech why cannot a police officer labeled schizophrenic come to your front door and arrest you for hate speech like the following:
“He should be put on medicine!”
“That person should have his frontal lobes stirred with a metal rod until he no longer recognizes speech.”
“They should all be on medicine!”
Isn’t that all hate speech?
Isn’t it also an implied validation that freedom of speech?  You can’t speak because you are tranquilized/medicated and saliva is dripping out of your mouth?  The reason being that your were medicated because you expressed concerns about homosexuality?  And isn’t the aides virus a common and valid concern about homosexuals? Apparently not!  Or you read the Bible where it states that they should all be killed; and you said so in public?
Maybe the future will be more like this regarding psychiatrists. “We have an institutional record of you saying these things about what your patient said.  It amounts to hate speech!”  Anything bad said about us is hate speech.  And do you know the kind of things that they don’t like us to say?  Things that involve expression of human emotion!!!
Now I was reading the Gospel of Barnabas and I believe it was Abraham arguing with his father.  They were talking about Gods.  Abraham’s father said to him, something to the effect of, “You could cut a God and he wouldn’t even do anything about it!”  He is implying something there isn’t he!  That is about chapter 26 of the Gospel of Barnabas.
Now when that person labeled schizophrenic who is also a police officer comes to arrest you; you might resist and in the conflict be killed?  And what does that reason boil down to?  Because you wanted to suppress the Constitutional right of Freedom of Speech; from Freedom of thought!!!!
The future might also read like this, “We have you on media record as making hate speech comments with regard to those labeled schizophrenic!”  “Here we will show you the television footage!  Look at how you used the term with a mean and condescending face!  You are under arrest.”
Now I am not Jewish but that Gospel of Barnabas and the story of the Garden of Eden implies that the original human beings were Jewish or Gods.  The Gospel of Barnabas implies that they were of a completely different nature a peaceful one?  I even heard a Catholic priest say with mocking eye’s we are descended from Jews.  That gene evidence recently published tells of how we have 108 different genes!  I also believe that somewhere in history what was a Jew and what was a Canaanite or Roman became confused!  And that perhaps the real meaning is that we are the ones who have 108 different genes! 
The Gospel of Barnabas implies that Gods were like humans in that they could be cut and bleed.  But wouldn’t do anything about it?  Have you ever heard a bully speak in those terms?  Someone who would say something of that nature is far different than what I consider normal!  To say that if you violate someone’s rights and violently assault them and they do not respond that they have a weakness?  Who thinks like that; not someone I consider to be human!  The original humans as we commonly know humans to be must have been called Gods!  It is a sliding scale comparison depending on what type of terminology you want to apply for us versus them!
From the Bible we are told that certain Jews killed all the Prophets!  Now the Bible states there are a limited number of prophets such as 19 and that was it!  The Gospel of Barnabas states that there were 144,000 prophets!  So were 144,000 killed by a faction of the Jews (Son’s of Darkness in the Dead Sea Scrolls)  Barnabas also states that Jezebel the most wicked of all women had 10,000 prophets killed!  There is no difference between profit and prophet!  In fact I would go so far as to state the entire world economy including welfare payments to those not disabled by voices is fueled by the ideas from the minds of the modern Prophets labeled schizophrenic!  So that is the big secret they don’t want you to know about yourself!
Now we have that anti hate speech from George Bush.  He always held himself to be a religious person!  Did he not read the Bible as to what it say’s about homosexuality?  Or more rather does he find a commonality between himself and the homosexual?  I happen to know that some children who might be considered Elite engage in homosexual behavior with one another!  There is strong evidence that it is caused by a genetic abnormality to the serotonin receptor gene!
One more thing to tie this altogether about the Bible, You are never to take the Lords (Gods) name in vain!
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
Off topic, what might be more interesting than Barrack Obama’s tax records would be those of his mother?  Where there many special one time payments to her?  Did her standard of living and income reflect her job status?

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