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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jesus defines who God is in the Gospel of Barnabas Chapter 33

Jesus defines who God is in the Gospel of Barnabas Chapter 33

“Truly all that which a man loves, for which he leaves everything else but that, is his GOD!  And so the fornicator has for his image (of god) the harlot, the glutton and drunkard has for image his own flesh, and the covetous has for his image silver and gold, and so likewise every other sinner!”

Hey Pope Francis!!! Jesus just told you that alcohol you serve in Catholic mass is a sin, what are you going to do about it!  And you might not get the nuance of the comment “his own flesh” above but Jesus could indeed see that those of drinking families were different.  Today we call it birth defects like mental retardation and Down’s Syndrome!  Hey Christianity in all forms, Jesus would call you sinners because of those birth defects of the flesh you created!


When asked what the greatest sin was Jesus replied and many of you won’t understand the mal development issue here but I will quote it anyway.

“Which is the greatest ruin of a house?”…..”If a foundation give way, immediately the house falls in ruin, in such wise that it is necessary to build it up anew (that is the personal development issue): but if every other part give way it can be repaired.  Even so I say to you, that idolatry is the greatest sin, because it deprives a man ENTIRELY of faith (in himself and his own thinking), and consequently of God; so that he can have no spiritual affection (no recognition of his own mind and the beauty of others).  But every other sin leaves to man the hope of obtaining mercy: and therefore I say that idolatry is the greatest sin.”  All stood amazed at the speaking of Jesus, for the perceived that it could not in any wise be assailed.

Friends, those voices you hear are from those who never formed the foundation of their own human reason or human conscience; Ie. Soul!  Jesus likely did not know it was caused by a brain defect due to alcohol.

Here is something else Jesus said in that Chapter 33.

“Truly I say to you, that it were better to burn a city than to leave an evil custom.”

That might apply to going to war in the Middle East or granting medals of honor to those who saved those who foster and smoke the opiate hooka pipe?

And for lack of known knowledge of his day Jesus was wrong about the Pork issue and unclean hands at the dinner table.

To get back to the beginning of the article if you worship alcohol as your spirit it means that your God is a genetically defective person.

Jesus is in no uncertain terms INSULTING that is all you are flesh and not a mind or spirit; when what you cannot do without is alcohol.  And I want to make the point that it has profound implications with regard to world history and professional sports as a career today.  I made the comment in public today, would you put the full faith and credit entrusted to a retired professional athlete turned politician; because that is where we are heading!  Would you?.

I also know that some people idolize and worship those of only the flesh for fear of further violence and victimization from them!


Thomas Paul Murphy

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