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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Do you hear voices and want to ge some work done 08 14 2014

Do you hear voices and want to get some work done 08 14 2014

Go to your local church on Sunday and pull out a five dollar bill and put it in the hat!  You will be very surprised at how quiet it gets afterward's for a few days!

Or tip double what it should be at a local ethnic restaurant and you will be surprised at how quiet it gets for a  few days!

Make sure that you have the reminding thought that that is a lot of money for you!

It works!  Make sure to notice the look on the priests face as they see you put the money in the hat!

That is one of the ways we know it is medical fraud!

The only way a Rabbi could have healed someone from Demonic possession in the ancient past as Matthias did was if he and his tribe were chanting and actively making them mentally ill in the first place!

You won't see me writing too much more soon I am getting a cyst on the back of my neck that might require me to have surgery again!  It comes from hearing voices as I attempt to work and earn a living in the land of the Free; the United States of America!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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