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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Highly Relevant Points in the Constitution 08 31 2014

Highly Relevant Points in the Constitution 08 31 2014

With regard to our Debt with China Congress has the power to determine what Chinese Currency is in relation to our own!  Article One Section 8 Dash 5.

Article One Section 8 dash 1 declares that taxes are collected in order to

1. Pay Debts
2. Provide for COMMON defense!!!
3. Provide for the general welfare!

There is also a provision in that section that implies taxes must be flat and that state sales taxes must be uniform from state to state.  It tells us a lot about the problems originating from Florida?

Article One Section 8 dash 6 makes the Short Sale by the Stock Exchange and Market Makers illegal!

Article One Section 8 dash (6) "To provide for punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States."

Selling someone a security that you do not own is Counterfeiting!  And it has gone on for far too long!

Petition Started to enact and propose punishment of those who have counterfeited United States Securities!

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