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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Who would ever marry someone that insecure 08 28 2014

Who would ever marry someone that insecure 08 28 2014

And I am talking about a group of people who call themselves supremacists whose primary fear is that they are going to lose their skill sets.

Who would ever marry someone that insecure?

And I am or course speaking about those who don't actually think while they work?

I am not speaking about those who lose their skill sets due to voices I am speaking about those who gain skill sets from those who lose them due to voices!!!  Big difference!

I am speaking about those who fear losing their stolen skill sets!  For you can't really lose a skill set; it can be actively denied from you using it by electronic harassment but you never lose it because it was yours and you developed it yourself!  Nor do you seek to purposefully lose it due to alcohol.  So one asks are those that fear losing their skill sets the same as those who stole and received them via alcohol?  A skill set means a profession.  And a profession is something that one furthers and does not hide in fear of losing!  So indeed we have some pseudo professionals among us who are not!

And what is your legitimate skill set(S)?   It is really your LIFE!  So who would deprive you of your life? The Constitution, the supreme law of the land, declares that you may not be deprived of your life!  Does it mean deportation and or holocaust?

We know by the time you are in the 8th grade whether you will be competent to read and write (type later) to be granted a white collar job! 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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