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Friday, August 15, 2014

Robin Williams Suicide 08 15 2014

Robin Williams Suicide 08 15 2014

He had Parkinson's disease.  What is interesting is that it caused by cigarettes and alcohol, however we never hear anyone say that he should not have been exposed to them!  He should not have been exposed to them but he was expected to live with the disease they caused?

I actually believe that we do need Kevorkian clinics for criminals who evade our justice system and have a weight on their conscience; better they use that clinic than kill some of us out of projected hatred for themselves.

It might be given as part of a speech to child molesters when they are evicted from your neighborhood or for that matter anyone who produces addictive substances in mass quantities and sells them in your neighborhood.  As well as pimps that are set free from prison.  In fact any family members of organized crime should have them available to them!

Those criminals can never be reformed because they likely have defective minds from birth.  Here is what Jesus Christ said about them in the Gospel of Barnabas  Chapter 34

"Truly I say to you, that it were better to burn a city than to leave an evil custom."

I can already tell I am going to get negative feedback from this so I will back it up with the Constitution!  You have a guarantied right to Liberty!  That means that you may not be given or sold an addictive substance because it violates your constitutional right to liberty because you are not at liberty to stop taking it because it is addictive!

So you allowed something to be sold to him that caused great physical and mental debility and then you stand around and can't figure out why he was in so much pain?  Who do you think you are kidding?  And you decry that insensitive remarks were made about him?  That is really you finding a commonality with him isn't it!  Neither he nor any single American Citizen should ever be exposed to those substances!  This is the 21st century!  If you want to escape from your life you should not have been born, or justice should have occurred to those who victimized you or you should not have a substance of escapism to further ruin your life!  The point being is there was one more point there on the tip of my tongue, and a very good one, but the spoiled voice could not bear to be lectured to anymore and distracted it from my memory!  So I will just end this by calling that mentally defective person that speaks to others in their minds because it has not its own the cause of all the worlds problems!  And what there problem seems to be is that the human race has already advanced beyond them and they want to bring us back to the female dinosaur level?

And again I have to ask the poignant question, "Why does someone so successful need to use a substance of escapism?"  The only reason can be that he knew that he did not achieve his own success!

For when success truly comes from personal achievement one never needs any type of reward other than the notion of that!  He punished himself with alcohol didn't he!  Drugs and alcohol are not a reward they are escapism.  And one only needs escapism from success when they truly did not earn it. 

When Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a self inflicted heroin overdose I figured out that concept and told you that WE can expect to see a lot more of this!

One is expected to develop and profit from their own minds and not that of a mind that was demonized and drugged in tribalism to serve as a spirit God ( read'sschizophrenic) to them!  That is monotheism.  A mother telling her child there is only one God is her way of saying she expects the person whose mind her coven is demonizing will not live long!  We need to prove them wrong on all counts.  Monotheism is the same way that Gorillas raise their young and that is devolution!  What you are seeing is that bad tribe among us cashing themselves in.  And perhaps Robin wasn't even a beneficiary of that tribal activity but rather a victim of it too!  Someone that fed a great many in the entertainment business and then was cashed in himself!   You can expect to see a lot more of it happening.  An actor pretends to be someone else because of a defective hippocampus they cannot form a self?  And indeed the viscous cycle repeats itself when they drink and have mentally defective children too. 

In fact I am going to go out on a limb and state that the mentally defective who were dependent minded killing themselves might indeed be how to interpret the term TRIBALIZATION or is the word TRIBULATION in the Bible; they would seem to be so similar from origin that there is a crossover in meaning!

Can all of my assertions be proven!  Absolutely.  But you cannot prove anything to a tribe when your tribe does not want you to prove it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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