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Thursday, August 14, 2014

It is only one Ocean

It is only one Ocean
The Oceans surrounding what we define to be the Continents are only one Ocean!
I realized this as Scott Walker questioned the issue of Mary Burk’s Trek Corporation not employing in Wisconsin but in China.  The point being; manufacturers in foreign countries not only evade U.S. labor laws and costs but they also evade U.S. Environmental Regulations.  It is only ONE contiguous Ocean!  That should be one of those things you teach in your common core classes!  And if you indeed look at the Oconomowoc River by where the Trek Company manufactures; well to me it looks more lifeless than the rest of the Oconomowoc River; as if there is a layer of manufacturing silt in it.
Equal Time:
How many people went to jail because they supported Scott Walker?  At last count it was 3 or 4.  I have not heard him man up and say even once, “They went to jail because of me and I am sorry about that!”
But just look at the gestalt of that!  When you see the faces of those who went to jail they have the look of murder in their eyes!  And it isn’t Scott Walker they are directing that anger to; it is some part of the American public!  It reminds me a lot of the faces of the 2 twelve year old girls who attempted to murder another little girl in Waukesha and by the way one of them will not have to stand trial because; defacto- she was a member of the Wiccan religion- that is what her beliefs where that the Psychologist diagnosed her as having a mental defect were!  But just look at the gestalt of that!!!! Some members of a political party going to prison in order to promote a political leader!  Sacrificing there freedom by committing crimes in order that their, is it really agenda or leader be put forth?  Doesn’t that amount to a structure of Organized crime?  Our Constitution has a clause in it that addresses organized crime and it states that they are not allowed to form Confederacies!  A Confederacy is the equivalent of Organized crime today!
Yes I voted for Governor Tuesday and I indeed wrote myself in, Thomas Murphy!  Do you see why?
Thomas Paul Murphy
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So why is Europe considered a separate continent from Asia?  It is very simple!  They wanted to differentiate themselves if those from the land of the Magog decided to head Eastward!  You know those whom they built the Great Wall of China to contain?  Or slavics that engaged in Cannabalism!  Europe and Asia are one Continent even though previously they wanted to say they were two!

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