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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Sewing Machine Economy 08 08 2014

The Sewing Machine Economy

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about.  It was about 25 years ago that I first heard that sewing machines lasted so long that when a customer came to buy a new part from a store they would claim not to have the part sell them a new one and take the old one out back and break it apart with a sledge hammer!  I almost wanted to cry when I thought of the evil nature of one person not wanting another to use a tool like that and prosper with it!

Did we get that evil influence in the United States from Luddite English Immigrants?  A Luddite doesn’t like technology!  Why?  Because they have what is called a defective or sloth minded “STEP” protein in their brains that doesn’t allow them to learn or form new memories!  But the reason is also because as watchers they cannot stand to see a human being use a tool and be happy to use it!  We see them in vindictive management roles all across the globe!  Queen Elizabeth admitted to being a schadenfreude, essentially a Luddite that resents the capabilities of the minds of men!  It is a great shame that someone like that is allowed to lead such a powerful nation!
They probably got the name Luddite because England was founded by the Romans that drank lead wine; known to cause mental retardation hence the phonetic term LEAD-ITE!  Whoever called them that didn’t survive!
I think of this as I took apart a flashlight that I then found had corroded batteries in it.  One of the faults of flashlights and other aluminum cylindrical electronics is that they have wires in them and when you go do change the batteries the wires tear away from their solder connections as you unscrew it and it is useless!  So we get that and 57 trillion tons a year of electronic waste from our George Bush Senior ambassador to China relationship!
There isn’t going to be any more mentally defective stooge corporate management!  That takes satisfaction when things go wrong and also creating the conditions precedent by selling products that don’t last so that things will go wrong!
Do you know what I would do if I was the leader of the United States?  I would take every single one of those serotonin regulating gene defective people and put them in factories making products for the 2% of us that hear voices in our heads!  And they would be products that last forever like sewing machines!!!
Cars should be made modular!  So that advances in engine and drive technology can be swapped in!  How much did I get for a pound of scrap metal when I recycled it the last time?  Six Cents!!!!! (All said to be shipped to China today and they want iron mines in Wisconsin to make prisoners who are done with their sentences work in them?)
There isn’t going to be any Down’s Syndrome or mentally retarded people talking to you in your heads while you work and mocking you like in the Bible with the phrase, “You are a stiff necked people!”  They are not going to be jumping up and down like Bobo the clown when they create a distraction that causes human disability!  I believe that the mentally retarded were both the first satanic and also the tax collectors from Biblical times!  And they had a lasting detrimental effect on the Jewish population that they mocked!

Did they hate Betsy Ross because she could sew an American Flag?  We need to go back to that sewing machine economy today!  And just like John Smith told those who believed themselves to be aristocrats of the new Colonial America; if you can't work you won't eat! Off topic.

 I was looking up the origin and meaning of the surname Schmidt.  It is the German form of Smith.  Comes from blacksmith!

Whoever it is that is mocking the minds of human beings and creating the medical fraud of schizophrenia doesn't belong in the United States and never did!  Was there a voice in Thomas Jefferson's head mocking him by telling him it was the King of England?  Is that why he wrote about why divine right was no good; when in fact the reality was that He had the true mind of a King!

When I was in Business School at UWM circa 1991 they told me that the person business loved to hire was someone that had a lifetime of screwing things up!  Does that put our current American Economy into perspective?

All those disposable products are creating environmental nightmares that are creating more and more mentally retarded children! So both of those have to end!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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