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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Legalization of Bisexual Marriages of Three or More People 08 28 2014

Legalization of Bisexual Marriages of Three or More People 08 28 2014

If the Gay marriage becomes ubiquitous that will be the next thing we are faced with! After all a bisexual has rights too; same as a gay person? So in effect one bisexual man could marry a bisexual woman and she could marry a woman and that woman marry and another woman and the man marry a man too etc! What it really amounts to is heathen fostered tribalism?

After all they would be privy to the same marriage equality! So are we supposed to allow a bisexual person to marry both a man and at the same time? That ought to be the straw that breaks the camels back and tells you it is just between a man and a woman for the purpose of natural procreation.

We already knew it was wrong! We don't need to endure beer and propaganda for years on end to reshape our opinions!

But for fear of losing my life for my opinion on the topic I am going to play the Devils Advocate, “Sure go ahead, do that!”

When it is three or more people is that not a confederacy? For our public service to legalize it makes them party to the same confederacy? And Confederacies are illegal per the United States Constitution!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Perhaps under the Americans with disability act all of us who hear a chorus of voices have that chorus do all our work for us? The person in the wheelchair has someone type for him. The person who is a Equity research analyst and likely has aspergers has someone type for him too? How would you like our disability of hearing voices to mean the origin of those voices is put into bondage to always do the work of those who are subjected to hear their voices; wouldn't that fall under the Americans with disabilities act? What are really creating with that act? Some Americans doing the work of those with disabilities; the medical fraud of schizophrenia excluded. The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of them makes it medical fraud! When will the cowards come forward and admit what they have done to us? 

Of course if they were silent we could do our own work and far better than anything they are  capable of!

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