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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A male witch is still a witch 08 28 2014

A male witch is still a witch 08 28 2014

Isn't that the first thing a young boy ask's when he figures out something about evil women?  After a while to his own horror he comes to the conclusion that he should wonder what if men were evil like that too?  He wonders if there are evil men too.  He asks is they are called witches too. Then he asks what they are called and is told Warlock.  It isn't true to the meaning is it!  A male witch is still a witch and everyone knows that!  Why?  Because because the behavior is lesser than men and therefore categorized as female.  Hence a male witch is still a witch!

He learned of the meaning of the one from his learning of the meaning of the first.  Hence the warlock is controlled by the witch?  He is raised to be the warlock by the witch.  The warlock isn't a male because it doesn't think like a man; with its own human conscience and human reason!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Pollock and Warlock have the same suffix.

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