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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pictures of Nazi Marconi in the United States 08 03 2014

Pictures of Nazi Marconi in the United States 08 03 2014

Marconi set up communications systems for England before WWII.  Marconi was an Italian Nazi!  So why did he help England and then be on the other side in the War against them?

And Napoleon of France who vowed to kill all blacks on earth was Hitlers idol so why did Hitler invade France?  It had something to do with the high percent of RH- blood types there!

I've got it!  It is because the RH- is the miscegenation White black person!!!!! How do I know?  Have you ever seen a molotto?  There skin is tan with white spots like it was bleach white there.  But the key is that there hair is often a natural reddish orange!  Now there might have been different strains of RH- to appear in history.  For example in Edom south of Judah and in every country the black Moors invaded!  People with Rh- blood have unique properties!  The women have a higher resistance to pain.  And they have a greater percent of them are likely to have RED hair!

But what of France?  Napoleon went after blacks for retribution for the creation of the pale white wax dripping face French?  And were the Jews that Hitler killed of the Rh- blood type?  The ones that practice the secret witch craft are in the Orthodox side of it!  And they all have that very pale white skins like the bleach blotches on a molotto as do many French?  They hide that skin with facial hair?

Now I would not write any of this if that voice wasn't pestering me!  It doesn't come from me!  It is medical fraud!  Did Adolph believe those voices originated from those with RH- bloodtypes?

Those that controlled the stock exchanges in Germany that Hitler didn't like had the Roth prefix to their name, it means RED! ?

So am I being a traitor to my own red headed Irish?  No.  I believe that the Irish were the original people of Israel!  They didn't believe in eating pork in the original Israel.  And nor did they believe in Alcohol!  We know this from a Bible passage about wine presses coming from Judah to Israel when they were separate countries.  Israel was invaded by the land of the red heads from South more near Africa where you would have had the miscegenation Rh- red heads.  That is where King Herod came from!  And the Israelite fled south into Spain and the Irish 98% of them have a Spanish gene and are said to migrated from the Basque region of Spain.  So those red headed Irish were tag along's!

That Rh- bloodtype might have something to do with the formation of their brains too!  The hippo campus of an Rh- has to be different!!!  They are also more likely to be gay.  And a great many English have that very pale skin that won't tan!  They are likely Rh- too?  And that blood is the blood of Royalty that doesn't act or think like the true leadership of royalty should!  It has been stated that the Rh- are represented in the highest levels of all governments!  Does that have to do with every problem we have in the world today?

The thing about being pale and having a greater resistance to pain is that you also don't know when you are causing unbearable pain in other people!  Hence the French keeping rotting prisoners in dungeons until Joan of Arc came along and freed them.  God bless her!

And the Bible tells that when Israel was invaded by those red heads that it was pretty horrific!  They went running and screaming from their homes!

And yet Hitler was searching for the Master race?  Whatever he was searching for it isn't around anymore!  There are very few straight blonde haired Aryans!  Hitler likely had them bred with magog? And the ones that were in Germany were likely dumbed down by years of fetal alcohol syndrome!

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