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Friday, August 15, 2014

There is no name for female snake 08 15 2014

There is no name for  female snake 08 15 2014

Most young men learn to have concerns about the dumb jocks but they never realize the danger of the dumb girl?  After all that dumb jock had to have had a mother that wasn't so smart either!  And the girls that he dated are not as bright as they seem on the surface?  The dumb girl is as much of a risk to our society as the dumb jock.

But these are popular people who go far in life and deny accountability for any of the decisions they end up making for the rest of us.

I believe that many candidates for political office have blind ambition.  What that really means is that they view control of the people as a means to allocate the money of the people among themselves?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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