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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robin Williams Death 08 14 2014

Robin Williams death is very simple!  He made it to the top and realized there wasn’t anyone there or below him that he felt like impressing!  It is lonely at the top they say.

Also he drank alcohol which is known to be a depressant!  It is a addictive and therefore against the United States Constitution principle of Liberty; because it is addictive one is not of the liberty to stop taking it.  The reason he used alcohol was because it like all other drugs is a drug of escapism!  He was attempting to escape from some bad cognitive state all his life!

He was an actor and that is the nature of an actor.  Many do not go to school with normal children for a telltale reason; they can’t learn just like those with Down’s Syndrome cannot.  He liked to be other personalities because he had none of his own to be, and what happens when they run out of other personalities to be?  Perhaps the most unfortunate case is that they go into politics like Ronald Reagan who had a problem with the STEP protein did?  It means he wasn’t capable of learning anything new!  When they run out of other personalities to be they die because of the rebound of a void principle!

As he drank more and more of what constituted his own human reason and human conscience; what made him the happy him was lost to oxygen deprivation brain cell death from alcohol.

And I do not know if he was ever demonically possessed but because he used alcohol he would have been more prone to demonic possession!

Alcohol, Depression and escapism killed him!  Don’t be surprised when you see it happen just like that!  There is no one there to stop it!


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In summary there was no one to entertain William or he found his audience not worthy of entertaining?
Thomas Paul Murphy


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