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Friday, August 22, 2014

How Your Daughter could easily be made into a Prostitute 08 22 2014

How Your Daughter could easily be made into a Prostitute 08 22 2014
Article written in response to seeing the front page pictures and title of a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article published today 08 22 2014 titled "Trial sheds light on trafficking of teens" written by Bruce Vielmetti   (Published in newspaper paper based copy but web link not available at this time)

There is more going on here than you think! I have seen a man that very closely resembles him, if it is not him indeed, at the lakefront. I have also seen two black girls that appear when he is not around. I also saw one of those black girls at the YMCA off of Brown Deer Road and Port once.


Now here is the part that you won't believe! I believe that they have modified cell phone technology so that it puts out a wave that can incapacitate a person much like a date rape drug does! Once they aim this at a young woman they can then collect her and make a prostitute out of her, just as if they knocked her over the head! And it can do so from a distance of twenty feet! When I worked out at that YMCA that black girl pointed that device at me and another woman who was sitting on the weight bench to my side. We both experienced what felt like a micro-stroke!!! If I had not seen that she was experiencing it too I would have wrote it off that I was working out too hard! But that wasn't what happened! I also saw that a device like that wielded by a Russian janitor woman there! Now here is another point you will not believe! You will find out that initially when you go to a health club you have a lot of natural energy; but as soon as they turn on one of these devices it is synched out of you! You won't know why but that IS WHY! They are using them to transfer your human energy to those that they have favored or who are sick???

I also had that same device pointed at me from a dog faced English woman who looked like she might work in the Investment Industry or a Tea Party Industry! If you are not aware of it if it were not for the original Tea Party we would not have our Freedom today! This New Tea Party has an agenda that seeks to erase and rewrite that history of freedom!

When the English woman pointed that device at me I was walking on the rocks at Big Bay Park in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin. I could see a particle beam emit from it! It looked like little tear drops streaking through the air and directed as me as directed energy weapon! I wrote a poem about it called Tears of Satan! We need to execute all pimps and drug dealers as a crime against humanity in order to put down this insurgency! That is the only way you stop something like this dead in its tracks!

They could not your daughter out with a device like that from a distance and make a bad girl/prostitute out of here and you would not know why it happened! That same technology can be used to delete the immediate synapses in the human brain in order to brain wash someone! The first EMF device of this spectrum of technology was the radio; invented by Marconi in 1897! In an investors Business Daily Biography of Nikolas Tesla it stated that he had invented a particle beam weapon and was marketing it in Europe before WWI (or was it WWII I believe it was WWI!) It tells you a lot about the corruption in United States History over the last 117 years!

That same technology can be used Nixon like to wire courtrooms so that no one is thinking clearly and the verdict is manipulated! Microwaves were beamed at the CIA headquarters in the early 70's by the Russians! So there is part of a Communist Slavic (neo-jewish??)Russian agenda at work here. The CIA then put Faraday lead shielding on that building in order to prevent that!

I also believe that technology is used to give people blood clots in their lungs; as part of genocidal Tea Party health care fraud!

They are part of a much much larger network!!!! And that network should be considered an insurgency.

Believe me if I read this without having experienced these things I would not believe it either!

Okay so you don't believe me? The risk that you loose your daughter to this network should be far greater to you! In other words she could be incapacitated from a distance of 30 feet and kidnapped into prostitution! YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

A broad and deep rooted criminal network cannot be established if at the same time you have the Death Penalty!!!  Why not?  Becuase no one would ever want to join at the lower end!  And the lower end would revolt against the upper end once members of the lower end started to be executed!

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