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Friday, August 8, 2014

Starting point of the Day 08 08 2014

Starting point of the Day 08 08 2014

How many Harvard graduates have we had as United States Presidents that were not smart enough to keep the United States out of War and other military conflict?
Their track record is very poor.  Perhaps after a college has a poor track record like that they should lose their charter to be a College University in the United States!  And there isn’t going to be “Oh well let his brother run the business instead,” maneuvers. We demolish quite a few businesses that go bust to the waste of the American Citizen; so why not act on the core of the problem?


I would also like to read the written exams for the Bar Exam and any Doctoral Thesis’s that the current Supreme Court might have completed; for inconsistencies with the United States Constitution as well as exhibiting a lack of qualification to be there! 

And clearly there are television personalities and commentators (in a word "entertainers") that never should have passe the bar exam! Our Government is not a matter of public entertainment!  Wake up America!  Entertainment being where one person pretends to be someone they are not.  The horror of it extends to them actively denying the person they are pretending to be the use of their own  human mind!  And that is an insurrection that has to be recognized for the general benefit of the public and the General Health and Welfare of the American people as guarantied by the United States Constitution.  It can go one of two way's: A coming out and declaring that you are indeed someone else or holocaust!  Better to make the right choice sooner than later!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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