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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Did Elvis have any Friends 08 30 2014

Did Elvis have any Friends 08 30 2014

He could not have because a good friend can steer you out of trouble like drugs and alcohol.  Many at the top might have said they were his friend but they could not have been or he would not have died of a drug overdose?

And some of us are smart enough to keep ourselves out of that kind of trouble and the bad friends that cause it!  A bad friend isn't a friend at all.  And what is the corollary?  That is all you will find at the top is bad friends!

A good and true friend will also keep you off of prescription narcotics!  So indeed that was a legitimized drug dealer, a Licensed Doctor in Conjunction with a Licensed Pharmacist that killed Elvis?  They were not even a friend to his health were they!

And on the counter-side who wants to see a strung out drug user up on stage!  And to carry on with that, who would see a strung out drug user (face sagging, eyes sleepy from drugs, breath slow and labored from alcohol) on stage and not help them in a meaningful way that could help him recover.  The answer wasn't more drugs was it!

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