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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Guns in American Homes 08 26 2014

A gun is a about the only thing in your home that was manufactured to last as long or longer than you; they are often passed down from father to son.

They are part of America's true heritage of pragmatism and manufacturing things that are built strong and made to last. (A lost art?)

They are the exact opposite of the fifty seven trillion tons of electronic waste from China that leeches into our waster supply and creates the genetically defective.

I can see why those who did not not have a strong connection to their father's would not want those that did to have one!
They are the exact opposite of subjective grading in schools; not based on personal mental achievement!

They are the exact opposite of a drug based economy; where banks can accept money from drug
operations (defacto a white collar network of organized crime.)

They are the exact opposite of the end meaning of foreign trade with lesser nations.

Off topic:
Much of Russia's ammunition was Mercury primed. Is that not chemical warfare of both the shooter (inhalation of vaporized mercury) and the victim (Mercury residue on the bullet.) Mercury at the top of the list of most toxic metals. How much of it is in our water supply because of a failure to adopt solar energy from a foreign influence on our economy since WWII? The majority of snipers in WWII were women; how much vaporized metal did they breath in and what birth defects did their children have because of it?)

Guns are not something a father teaches his son to use at a “Deer camp” with a bottle of whiskey or a barrel of beer present! They are not something a father show's his son after their dinner wine; one is a finer thing in life and the other fosters delusion.

We don't owe organized crime money; not one single red Lincoln cent! We owe them justice! Keep this in mind with the push for banks being allowed to launder drug money and banks willful participation in the mortgage fraud crisis facilitated by rigging the London Interbank Offer Interest Rate (LIBOR) to facilitate the mortgage crisis.

PS. I use the word DEFACTO a lot. The spell checker doesn't seem to recognize it. Does its word origin really come from defecate? As in that is a defecated copy of something manufactured, built or raised to last? Why would the English of our Software and literary industries not like the popularized use of that word? One more point on that train of thought. Many young adults go to college to learn how to write using the formula method rather than the free hand from stream of conscious method of writing. The difference is astronomic! One is complete propaganda! The formula method seeks to figure the style of what made a writer famous and duplicate it. The free hand stream of conscious is indeed that natural stream of conscious that made those writers famous in the first place! Now the question becomes how has the formula method been used to write in medical journals and legal bills? It makes you sick doesn't it!

Who is it that wants to take the guns from our American Homes and break that father son American Bond?  It is the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg (English Nationality?) and of course he also wants to keep his.  Probably has aspirations of running for President too, even though his political commentary on the second amendment would be an impeachable offense; as he would be sworn in to protect the United States Constitution!  He isn't an English Colonist "John Smith" who would roll up his own sleeves and work and  decry work; if want to eat as a matter of leadership integrity!  Mocking the United States Constitution and our heritage is not work!

People are starting to openly express hatred to me in public for my belief system.  Do you know what my belief system amounts to; a belief in myself!  Shouldn't every male have a belief system like that?  The drug economy fosters an entirely different belief system!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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That is the equivocation between the wealth class and the lower class.  They both want to steal or take that heritage from American fathers to American sons from American homes!

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