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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dissolving the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms 08 03 2014

Dissolving the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms 08 03 2014

Senator James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin recently put forward a bill to dissolve the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (acronym BATF for short).  Because we don’t have much information as to his motivation I will give you my reasoning as to why the same should be done and the BATF should be dissolved.
In order to do so I will break down the analysis of the effectiveness of the BATF into three parts.  The regulation of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
1.       Alcohol:  The BATF was responsible for regulating alcohol.  Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  Approximately 1 in 35 Americans is mentally retarded.  The number is far higher than that when you take into account that there are mentally retarded that have strong verbal ability.  They have typically fallen under the diagnosis of Wilsons Syndrome!  Someone with strong verbal ability and low intelligence does not like guns; they are afraid to even own them themselves because of that low IQ.  And indeed they project that false sense of superiority as normalcy onto the entire population.  They were falsely praised as children or they would not have survived grade school to come to adulthood and tell the rest of us we shouldn’t own guns!  Alcohol?  Did the BATF ever set forth or attempt to set forth regulations whereby drunk driver who killed people can no longer receive the addictive substance alcohol?  No!  How many alcohol fatalities are there a year?  The oldest religion in the world may be populated by those who have strong verbal ability and mental retardation with regard to pragmatism!  Perhaps the key to alcohol regulation was there was really nothing to do with regard to it!  We still have the 1 in 35 mentally retarded from it.  The only reason it was regulated was so that wealthy families could maintain brewery, liquor and wine monopolies.  But what is key here is that it is unconstitutional to sell or give someone an addictive substance in the first place because it violates their right to liberty; because it is addictive they are not at liberty (or free to stop using it.)  And what did the drinking age accomplish?  Did it really set the right of passage into adulthood as being when you could drink?  What an awful standard and right of passage!  What else did that drinking age accomplish?  A young man or woman goes off to an Ivy League college full of those with Wilsons Syndrome who have strong verbal ability with mental retardation and they are given all the free drinks they can have until they develop alcohol psychosis!  In effect those born mentally retarded from alcohol (fur ears) who adapted to it all their lives created a mental retard out of a normal thinking human being!  So if 1 in 35 Americans is mentally retarded how come we are not regulating the sale of alcohol to the mentally retarded who are adults?  Doesn’t that bother anyone?  So if you want to dissolve the AFT you have to address that issue which should have been addressed by the ATF.

2.       We have the Second Amendment so that there will never be any form of Gun Control whatsoever in the United States!  We got that amendment put in place in response to the threat we faced from England in the Revolutionary War!  What was the black heart of that threat?  Those who came into power with strong verbal ability and mental retardation.  That amendment cannot be changed!  Therefore there is never anything to regulate with regard to Firearms!  To provide a little background, it was FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt that gave us some of our first gun control measures while at the same time re-legalizing alcohol an opening the door wide open to rule by the mentally retarded with strong verbal ability!  Gun control is really a moot point!  The Supreme Law of the land say’s that there isn’t to be any and that cannot be changed!  It really doesn’t matter if you are wealthy and think it should be otherwise; again that is who we declared our freedom from in the Revolutionary War!  What firearms did FDR regulate?  The ones the FBI used to raid alcohol production facilities!  FDR didn’t care about people!  In fact his son secured the rights to foreign based hard liquor imports in conjunction with the repeal of Prohibition!

3.       Tobacco:  This is the far worst of any of them.  I go to the beach and I want to start smoking too because of the inhalation of second hand smoke!  Now I don’t think people are going to want to see me smoking because it know that I am a role model to many; whether you like it or not.  But here is where the BATF failed to regulate tobacco.  Did the BATF ever once state that you can’t put pine tar in cigarettes?  No?  Did they ever once declare it should be banned because it causes cancer?  No!  Now we have mandated insurance we have to pay to keep those same wealthy retards in power!  Pine oil about the exact same as pine tar is known to cause miscarriage!  And that might be where all those with Wilson’s syndrome came from in the first place.  In fact Autism has been determined to be caused by unusual folds in the placenta of woman!  Pine tar from cigarettes causing miscarriage; the mechanism has to be by undulations in the placenta and ejecting of the fetus or in some cases premature birth.  So if a woman sells the smoke from a tar based cigarette will she have an abortion?  Is it that strong?  I believe it is!  Talk about a way to dumb down a population and make them willfully ignorant; that is it!  And this was indeed common knowledge back in the 1600’s!  So they knew what they were doing when they did it!  I want to make a point about blacks being brought over to work as slaves on Tobacco plants but enough said.
Had tobacco been adequately regulated we would not have the taxpayer liabilities from cancer, mental retardation and other birth defects!

So again what was the purpose of Tobacco regulation?  So that monopolies in it could be maintained!  Those are indeed big English based companies in the tobacco industry?
Now part of the purpose of the BATF was to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unfit while at the same time allowing them to be created through alcohol and tobacco?  The BATF defied that concept entirely by given them guns and then arresting them!  To do what serve on a farm after prison so that they are in effect enslaved as was the case back in the Confederate South?  Alcohol and tobacco these are the elements of mental retardation and the meanness that enslaves because it can’t work and support itself from the Confederate South.  And again England our mortal enemy helped the slave owning Confederate South in the Civil War!
This breed of people might have 108 genes that are not normal.  And this breed might indeed be the far greater majority of the United States today!
Now part of FDR’s cabinet remained in place until the 1970’s!  So over that period of time since 1932 to today we have seen the rise of the fictitious legal concept of Corporate America and employment shifting to communist China, where FDR’s family money from the opiate trade came from in the first place!  He also made the money that financed his election in ~1932 from looting the New York Stock Exchange during the stock market crash of 1929!  And by the way that is one of the things that Adolf Hitler could not stand about Germany; that the stock market was manipulated and monopolized
I am not a big Sensenbrenner fan.  But I do like the idea of the BATF being dissolved!  But this cannot dissolve the BATF without addressing the issues that I mentioned above.
The mentally retarded are in direct conflict with living under the Constitution of the United States!  They neither have a human conscience or human reason and that is what defines someone to be a human being.  Not only that but some unscrupulous people are making a mint as much as $80,000.oo a year from social security to take care of them!  Again they are not disabled because they never had ability!  Who is protecting them and granting them rights?  Is it those who have strong verbal ability and low IQ (mental retardation?)  Is a temper, that like which Adolf Hitler had, a sign of mental retardation?  Have any of you ever experienced a temper like that from managers in fictitious corporate America?  Corporate meaning of the body rationed?  So you become a body of controlling employment when you don’t have a good head on your shoulders?
There is also strong evidence that those who are gay and lesbians have a birth defect to the serotonin regulating gene!  And it is the wicca religion of England that is the only religion that recognizes lesbians as members!  To put this ugliness in perspective; two little girls in Waukesha County Wisconsin stabbed another little girl 19 times.  This occurred after school ended in relation to a Birthday party of one of the two little girls who did the stabbing.  One of those two little girls will not have to stand trial because she is a member of the Wiccan religion!  Everything she told the psychologist in the interview was consistent with the beliefs of the English Wicca Religion!  She is free from Prosecution because she is a member of the Wicca Religion! 
And perhaps the reason Sensenbrenner wants to dissolve the BATF is so that none of the above issues are ever addressed! The issue he also doesn’t want to be addressed is that schizophrenia is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of them is consistent with  originating from those  who worship the Wicca religion!  And Jim was part of a committee that oversaw Defense Department high technologies that can indeed be used to create the medical fraud of schizophrenia!!!!It was indeed in Wisconsin his current home state where one of the oddly planned BATF stings took place.
Jim has his roots in that old Chicago where prohibition was fought by organized crime!  The temperance movement that started Prohibition was started by women.  There were many reasons for it including mental retardation and accidents caused by alcohol that are more valid today than they were then!

And lastly if we analyze the Surname Sensenbrenner we find out that the Brenner part of it is Ashkenazi Jewish for burner meaning an alcohol still! It is in his blood that alcohol should not be regulated!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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