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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How many Women would own dog's if they had become familiar with hand guns in early adulthood 08 19 2014

How many Women would own dog's if they had become familiar with hand guns in early adulthood 08 19 2014

Might they not just like to go for walks through the forest and take pictures and not have a dog if they were familiarized with handguns?  The point is that they often have that dog for personal security and I don't believe that they should have to have a dog for personal security as it might interfere with enjoying life to the fullest?  Basically if you have a dog for personal security it means that you have a fear of walking in public?  And that fear amounts to being attacked?  And I don't believe you should have to have that fear!

And also believe that alcohol is the source of most of our violence!  It spikes testosterone while at the same time depriving the brain of oxygen!  So maybe that needs to be addressed at the same time to keep me from becoming easily addicted to it?  Everyone see's those mumbling people and they don't know how they got that way?  I believe alcohol had something to do with it!

You know women can vote.  Perhaps in order to bring them up to speed in the United States and not in conflict with the constitution they should be required to own a gun at 18.  Perhaps a revolver 9mm or .357 magnum?

I also believe that you have the right to kill someone in response to being attacked with the intent to rape!  Why?  Because you have the right to Life in this country!  That means you have the right to carry on your family line, (man or woman you are) And that rape can indeed cause sterility!  Now the courts are not with me on this and I don't know that they will ever be, but I believe you have the right to kill someone that is attempting to rape you!  And not only that I don't care how many bullets you use to prevent that horror from getting up and coming at you again!  To me that is irrelevant!  I believe our Founding Fathers felt the same way concerning this!  They hung a warlock who did a bad thing to a boy.  And also they put that in our Constitution that you always have the right to keep and bear arms!  Why?  So that you would never have to face the proliferation of any threat of that odd criminal type of nature; as was posed by the King of England.  Don't believe me just read the list of complaints they had against him in the Declaration of Independence!!!  One of them was they drained us our our substance or life's energy or something like that! No lie!!!!  And what they are describing is a soulless vampyr type person that talks to you in your head as part of a coven?  So here indeed we have an equivocation of the vampyr and the witch or warlock!  And they themselves were likely created by fetal alcohol spectrum syndrome in some form!

Now High Schools used to have rifle ranges!  I talked to the janitor here in Whitefish Bay about a month ago and he told me it was used as a storage area today!  I believe all High Schools and colleges should have them!  And indeed absent the poisons a Wiccan might try to sell people such as alcohol, heroin, marijuana, meth (good God who would do that!!!)

That's all.  Just thought it and wrote it!  Nobody seems to like what I think but I do so anyway!  Perhaps it is because these are my thoughts and I will not be afraid to express them!

To be honest I don't believe that knowing the martial arts can guarantee a young woman the complete confidence that she needs to fend off an attacker!  So a little scenario advice?  You are a young woman walking along.  A man approaches you and grabs you by the arm?  It is already too late isn't it!  So indeed you have that gun in your purse.  The purse has a side slot on it.  You reach in.  You walk to the side of the walk. He veers towards you?  Bang perhaps?  He looks at you with mean eyes and looks like he is going to accost you?  He should have stated his intentions before such as I am lost.  Tell him to keep his distance of 10 feet!  Do not let him hoboken his way closer to you!  He already knows that is a threatening gesture just as a lion knows it is stalking its prey low to the ground.  At this point you could fire a warning shot.  Does he look out of place in your neighborhood?  Now the way they walk is very telling!  You need to be aware of the gregarious walk.  One where the shoulders are bouncing up and down as if were he running at that moment he would have a mental intent to tackle someone.  You might also see a charging of the muscles before the attack comes on!  Is he acting purposefully confused in order that he evades your personal wall by creating false sympathy in you for him?

Does he get too close?  Be polite and say keep your distance!  Also if he is posing a road block to you then you command him move out of my way and pass my 5 feet away on the right (or left.) 

Stuff like that.  That is my advice.  And there is something else you need to know!  That fur ears might be able to hear your thinking!  So if you believe he is a fur ears keep a confident and commanding mind of him!  You have the right to defend yourself in this country and it is best that you do less your attacker is allowed to create more victims than just you!

And perhaps if a woman had known the threat of sexual assault from bad females at some time in her life we would not have issues of leniency and gun control.  I believe that you should feel free to go wherever you so please alone!  And who knows you might even meet someone with a common interest and arrange a date to walk the path together some time?

I have just always known to leave other people alone in my life.  To not stalk or harass them?  Perhaps you are that way to and do not suspect that not all people are not like you?  How do his eyes look?  Does he have the facial features of cretin or the beady eyes of a Downs Syndrome person or the chin and cheeks of someone with aspergers?  As you age you will notice facial characteristics in people and they will start to have meaning that holds true with you as you have found a pattern of behavior in people that look that way?  Is his head shaped more like a primate?  Is he focusing on you from a distance with hatred?  Eye's locked upon you as you both are walking?  When that hair stands up on the back of your neck you better believe it means something!!!  Do not panic, this is the land of the free and you have the right to protect yourself; no matter how many subjective convictions and bad District Attorney decisions to prosecute the person who defends themselves have been propagandized!

He knows when he is scaring you in a subtle way!  And he relies on you being afraid in order to more easily facilitate violence against you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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