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Friday, August 29, 2014

Federal Gun Control Laws 08 29 2014

Federal Gun Control Laws 08 29 2014

Even though we have the second amendment that allows us to always have ARMS; there is also a provision in the Constitution which states that laws that apply in one state must apply to another.  Which means if one state successfully dissallows all Federal Gun Control laws then all states must follow those same laws.

It was put in there so you could never have a rogue state create laws that are senseless and against our Constitution!

And oddly enough we have people in the legal profession, Judges, making rulings on our Constitution that are not being made consistent from state to state!  The founding fathers never anticipated there would be that much lack of conformity to intelligence and legal standards!  And what is rather disturbing is that we are not reading rational opinions for judgements on the Constitution!  Ideally one could compare all the judges opinions for their rulings and just state flat outright these 10 are wrong for this reason and this one is right!  But the opinion letters are more well guarded than the wine cellar.  In fact they haven't even substantiated many of their rulings with documents on how they based their opinion!!!!  This amounts to treason by Barrack Obama as he chose many of those Supreme Court Members!  He is making a complete mockery of the United States government and our Standards of Freedom and Equality!

What could people with disabilities act degrade to? Those who are mentally defective requiring slaves to do their work for them.

Now key provisions that should be studied are the Constitution and the provision for a Commonwealth versus Corporate Wealth!  Corporate Wealth is a direct contradiction to the meaning of Commonwealth!

And what would the founding fathers think of a hunchbacked person?  They would know that he is not equal.  They didn't say anything about birth defects because it was just assumed it was a family burden and not a society burden!  Would they believe a person with a watermelon head should be President of the United States under some provision of Equality?  NO!!!!  They were common sense smarter than that!  And that is indeed what is missing from Constitutional interpretations:  COMMON SENSE!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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