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Friday, August 15, 2014

No Guns allowed on Property 08 15 2014

No Guns allowed on Property 08 15 2014

If you have a sign that say's no guns allowed on property and somebody comes in and you shoot them (despite any circumstance) haven't you made some kind of a fraudulent conveyance?

I know it sounds all wrong.  And perhaps my point is that I don't like any of those signs; or any of that school zone Jazz created by George Bush.

But the point is that you have a right to defend yourself but what if you indicate that you are not going to defend yourself with a gun when you really have a gun?

It is a very fine point of law.  And perhaps there was much more I could have said on the topic a week ago but I neglected to!

Such as our Constitution say's that you have the right to keep and bare arms.  That is the supreme law of the land and it was put in place in response to England and the Revolutionary War!  It is put there so that there can never be any form of gun control!  It is the Supreme law of the land and it cannot be changed.

If you look at the Declaration of Independence that formed this great country; if you asserted those same things today they would view you as being mentally ill and want to force medicate you; and that is something we got from FDR!

And you don't want to put a sign I have  gun on my property because some kook will try and take it!  And perhaps the point is that if they could get one themselves as the law states they have the right to then they would not risk their life to take yours.  I actually believe you let someone out of prison after they served their time and they get their gun back..  If you don't want to give them their gun back then they either stay in prison or perhaps it really means they should be executed!

Now our Founding Fathers had a way to handle people that they did not want to have guns.  Those who poisoned people, those who sexually molested children; they hung them!  Also we had a way that we declared in response to slavery it was called the Civil War and we killed those who believed in slavery and were willing to fight for it!  A pimp is also a slave master and I believe they should be executed.  Also I believe that any father who sells his daughter for sex should be executed.  And there was another issue in there that slipped my mind.  Oh what about a father who sells his daughter in marriage for a dowry!!!!! That is a marriage based on love and not money and should not exist.  For instance FDR's wife was a Lesbian so that marriage wasn't based on love.  And had that marriage been annulled by the courts then he would not have been President and that would have been a good thing because he brought back alcohol which exacerbates the criminal justice system and it is also the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere; that means it also causes dyslexia!  I will assert that! And our founding fathers wanted everyone to be able to read so that they could be responsible citizens and obey the law!  They knew how Kings liked to make up laws and they declared just that in the Declaration of Independence.  Now the other day I was driving through a black neighborhood and I wondered what it would be like to be a black girl there.  Some freaked out guy does something to her and who is going to listen to her today?  That bothers me.  Basically I always have the point of view of what if that were me; (that I could have been born anyone) and I also take the point of view that I am me and my rights should not be violated first and foremost! And sometimes I ask myself what if I were the spoiled child's parent; why didn't that parent act to keep that child from being a trouble to other people. Why didn't that parent raise that kid correctly.    It is because they couldn't and it wasn't something that they believed in. But now we are getting into the topic of whether the mentally defective and birth defective should also be euthanized; and in some cases I believe that too.  And I maintain that schizophrenia is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud.

So the father is selling the daughter for sex and she is mentally retarded.  I am inclined to say that both should be euthanized.  What do marriages based on money due to our Freedom? Every single law created that violates the Supreme Law of the Land might be attributed to that an alcohol brain birth defects!  You are not supposed to live a siesta life and expect those who hear voices to provide everything for you including food and shelter through intellectual property scribed right from their demonized minds; that isn't what America is supposed to be about!  We have our Constitution to protect us from that horror!  And the Founding Fathers did  indeed believe in the reality of demonic possession and hung Wiccans for it!  A commonwealth doesn't mean that someone else's personal thoughts and ideas belong to you or are community property!  A commonwealth implies equality and not 1 in 35 Americans being mentally retarded and can only be raised dependent mindedly through inverse imprintation and the creation of a person who hears voices in their heads.  That isn't a commonwealth it is a word that uses the com prefix called communism.  And thee is a race among us in the United States that doesn't want you to know it can only live and prosper through the communist principle of one human persons mind for all...all what?  What do we define that which doesn't have its own mind and needs yours to be?  Something prehistoric like a dinosaur that grazes, kills and screeches or something that doesn't belong among us?  You can keep those kids but you can't stay here in the United States because you are not one of us.  And the fact is that your influence her has ruined everything for us, dirty water and air, unfair competition, crime, drugs, don't execute the person who committed horrific acts because he is one of us and we pity ourselves!  It is the spoiled immature parent monopolizing our laws so that it's family never faces meaningful prosecution.  And I am thinking of those two twelve year old girls that stabbed that other girl 19 times!  Good God will you let that little girl experience some justice so that she does not have to live her life in constant trauma?  And one of the little girls will not have to stand trial because I effect she worshipped the Wicca religion!  All of her commentary when interviewed by the psychiatrist was consistent with that.  Now these are just my thoughts and I am a minority of 1 in 3.5 billion.  But I have the right to express them!  I will always have that right because it too is the supreme law of the land and cannot be changed!

This is the second instance in about three weeks were someone with a sign no guns allowed on property killed a patron!  "No guns allowed in my business but mine?"  I don't believe you have that right even if you sleep at your business.  Why?  I just don't like the precedent of store owners killing customers over disputes and saying no guns allowed.  What happens if a grocery store won't sell food to you?  What happens if you walk in with a gun and your money and they shoot you; because they were attempting to make this country a family and not a democracy anymore?  You know a family where the mentally retarded person with poor hygiene is cooking in the restaurant or working in the deli?  Where Mexicans become part of that family and are paid under the table in American Cash.  All that bothers me.  A family where you order a cup of coffee and it makes you sick for two days to three months because it tastes like it has a sour resin of some type in it.

You take your computer in to be repaired and you pay them a $114 dollars.  You go to pick it up the second time because they tell you the second time you have a pending reallocation hard drive error.  And the owner is on the phone and say's to just take it because he will be one the phone for 15 minutes and you want to say, "Don't get hot with me I just paid you $114 dollars."  You want to give that person some perspective too and say three trips to you like this and I could buy an entire new computer.  And sometimes you for some odd reason the question you want to ask them you don't get to ask them because they are cutting you off when you are getting to it.  Such as, "Who is it that is it that is infecting our computers with viruses?"  And yes I am implying something there!  It amounts to extortion.  Some people seem to be the embodiment of born tax collectors.  Somehow we need to put them into therapy!  That therapy might be like sending them back to adult kindergarten again.  By the way what did the show "Are you smarter than a fifth grader" prove?  That the average American that completed high school and college has no knowledge!  It got wiped clean by that FDR alcohol didn't it!  If you have no knowledge because of that don't expect those of us who love how we think to feed you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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