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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kevorkian should have never been prosecuted 08 31 2014

Kevorkian should have never been prosecuted 08 31 2014

Hospices, part of a hospitals profit system, put the elderly to sleep permanently every day by giving them morphine injections that drug them so that they are no longer active and therefore die rather quickly.  And this is done to them rather than curing the illnesses of normal human beings!

The standard should not be applied to them but to those who are born with birth defects which will make them a threat to human beings and society!   Otherwise what you get is a hospital staffed with those who are only competent at administering drugs to put people to sleep permanently.  It is like taking your car in for a minor repair and the gas station attendant driving it to the junkyard and placing it in the compressor, so that you have to get on with your life and struggle to afford a new one.  The difference here is that those defined to be human beings with a human conscience and human reason are not material items and nor are they vegetables!

You never saw the slight of hand!  After he was prosecuted the big hospital companies made a business out of his business by injecting those who faithfully served their country in more ways than one with morphine.  So and so hasn't moved in days because he is drugged out, his respiratory rate and heart rate are now failing.  He didn't come to the hospital to die did he!  There should be a place where people who want to die can go so that they don't take the rest of us with them; whether it be  a drug dealer, pimp or child molester shooting it out with someone who makes a stand against them.  Basically when a person comes to your hospital to be cured and you put them on the morphine death drip have you not broken your duty?  And I would encourage someone who seeks to profit from the death of normal human beings and happy families to got to that alternate place we need too!  People who will never be at peace with themselves among the rest of us; because they were born with an alcohol brain defect?  There will be no sharing of our minds to compensate for their lack of them in the future!  And it will not matter if you are the wealthiest person in the United States;  you are not going to be able to buy someone else's mind to replace that of your genetically defective child!  That game is being exposed and will come to an end on a worldwide basis!

Give the person who has done bad things to other people all their life a gun at age 18 and put them in a room by themselves for a awhile to think about it.  There was a time in American history where every family was required to own a gun.  We already know that some who are benefiting from a bent standard of equality never will be equal to the point of being a responsible adult who can be trusted with dangerous tools.  It is very easy to tell who they are, they were never taught to respect the lives of other people; because they were never able to learn as normal human beings do.

And I don't believe there is any legal basis to bring a wrongful death suit (suicide) by someone who was mentally or genetically defective against someone who was normal until the age of 24 when they worked in the Investment Industry and started to hear voices that actively denied them from using their own Beautiful Mind!  You can't say someone caused the wrongful death of a genetically or medically defective person.

And I do believe that those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia are the normal human race among us!  With 108 different genes (if that is true) we are the minority that is the most human; even though we are only 1% of the population.  Ancient history tells of a race that was much smarter and also of a race that did not have its own soul; meaning human reason and human conscience.  You were not given life so that you could proceed to ape the lives of normal human beings and deprive them of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the process!  You were not given life so that you could be a parasite to the mind of a human being rather than accept your own limitations and live at that lower standard.

Nor should your personal problem with guilt ever be dependent upon forgiveness!  And nor should people be forgiven when they have committed crimes against humanity!  We do not forgive the horrific among us so that they can propagate large families that will be just like them!  We do not forgive them so that they are free to go to bars, nightclubs and taverns and create a fatherless bastard network; that will be just like them!

And I also do not believe it should be legal to sell or give someone a substance that causes Depression such as alcohol.  Why not?  Because Depression is the leading cause of suicide!  So you give them a drug that causes it and they kill themselves, you can't blame someone who said they were hard to get along with for that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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