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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Obama Care is a Guarantied Annuity for non-performing Doctors and the Illiterate Financial Elite 08 21 2014

Obama Care is a Guarantied Annuity for non-performing Doctors and the Illiterate Financial Elite 08 21 2014

That makes it a Confederacy Genocide structure.  Why? Because through the kickback mechanism they will always be paid no matter if they are legitimate or not!  They might make their monthly salary by overcharging just one customer?  Or it might transition to where they get a piece of that insurance pie as an annuity, via that same kickback and dividing mechanism!

Off topic.

The personal hygiene of Blacks and Hispanics in particular is unacceptable!  You shake their hands and ti is like a warty gravy!  Two hours later your hand starts to itch and then a small wart forms because you didn't get to wash them quick enough.  It is as if when they are not working they are deciding what alternative finger to put up their butts!

Perhaps the greatest benefit we could have in our education system is to teach personal hygiene and a sanitary house at the ages of 1st grade, 6th grade and Freshmen in High School!  What they will learn from that will translate into a better level of society in all functions of it!

The American Media and Entertainment sector is all Nigel Queers!

Barrack Obama made was for Gay Marriage to the benefit of the American media and their children that are mentally retarded and don't know what sex or sexual identity they are from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?  That is one of the worst precedents that can ever be set!  Did he climb the ladder to success by being a Nigel Queer?  If so he would be following in his mothers footsteps?

I take that back!  His mother was beautiful!  Instead I will say that all pimps should be executed!  And that all women receive welfare enough so that they don't have to work and can chose a man based on heart.  No more of the psychotic corporate managers dominating our economy and the upper class!

Many things in our Country today are the equivalent of Government Welfare to the non-performing wealthy!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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