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Thursday, August 7, 2014

EB5 08 07 2014

 Is there an EB5 project going up in your village?  EB5 is an immigration program whereby the wealthy of foreign countries can buy United States Citizenship.  They have to have $500,000.00 in money. It was a Government program launched in 1990.  That was George W. Bush!  That is the same reason the rate of schizophrenia (a medical fraud) has increased twofold in that same period of time!

Chinese were denied ownership of a hotel near where I live.  As soon as they were denied ownership of it a parking lot to the north in my village was cleared and dug out and an apartment building went up!  Is that EB5 funded I wonder without doing any research?

Most people consider foreigners about the same as ordinary Americans.  It isn't true!  They are shaped by different forms of government that often includes torture of human beings.  Not only that they might be genetically different and predisposed to mental retardation! 

George Bush sold the United States, the land of the free and brave and honest Americans out to the Satanic!


I have to ask if WWII wasn't really an opportunity for dolt headed American drunks to find compatible dumb whore women overseas and bring them back to the United States as wives!  You have to remember it started about the same time there was a backlash against Prohibition!  And that might be the reason we have immigrants here that don't belong here and also big problems in education and employment!

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