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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Founding Fathers Didn’t want any Freaks! 08 17 2014

Our Founding Fathers Didn’t want any Freaks! 08 17 2014


1.      That is why they believed in drinking only in moderation!  They wanted citizens to be able to learn how to read.

2.      They executed those who poisoned people in order to (defined as intent) make freaks out of them!  If you research the Salem Witch trials those are some of the people who were executed. 

3.      They also executed those who molested children.  Now if you read the Gospel of Barnabas I believe chapter 33 you will see how Jesus Christ the God figure of the Bible and Christianity equated alcohol with SIN!  All alcohol drinkers would be termed sinners by him!  So in effect every Catholic Priest waving that wine above his head, and tempting the young to want to try it before they are old enough, would be considered a sinner by Jesus Christ today.  The gestalt that I am getting is that the church formed by the wealthy who bore a son that was genetically defective, perhaps a mild form of mental retardation.  No one wanted to be near them.  So what did they do?  They built that son his own theater for people to come to!  And there might have been some form of extortion to it to, either you drink this every week or you pay a tax in blood?  Come to see my son on Sunday morning or we send him out to see you?  The tax collectors of Biblical times were not good people from my reading of it!  But let’s give the Jews of pre bible times some credit here they paid taxes or tithed to those whom they knew were the source of their profits?  That is entirely different from the way the Bible presents the tax collector.  But again on the other side the Bible tells us that they killed all the Prophets (or those they profited from.)

4.      The founding fathers believed in drinking in moderation so there would not be any born with birth defects so that they could not learn to read and obey laws.  And those laws basically amounted to you being able to respect the rights of normal people.  They were not the Kings type of laws based on envy and jealousy!   They were likely more like listen nincompoop don’t do that, give poison to another child, rather than so and so is hunting on my kingdom grounds therefore I get to run out there and hang him with his bowstring.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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