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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is the FBI being controlled by England 08 03 2014

Is the FBI being controlled by England 08 03 2014
1.       Joint surveillance programs with England controlled by England!  That was what England engaged in that lead to the Revolutionary war; illegal search and seizure!  We put the illegality of that in our Constitution to write them out of our future entirely!
2.       Drugs?  The FBI has been so ineffective that one very bad one is being legalized!  It makes you wonder why they have been paid?  Do they indeed represent a Confederacy that is illegal per the United States Constitution!
3.       Mortgage Crisis:  Facilitated by the London (England) Interbank Offer Interest Rate being manipulated.  The FBI’s presence in Securities Fraud and Fraudulent stock market activity has been non-existent!
4.       Heroin money from drugs coming from Mexico into the United States was laundered by a British Bank that is still allowed to do business in the United States today and even earn interest from Americans!!!!  That is a whole new class of USER!  In fact now they made it legal or want to make it legal for banks to process money from drugs!  Again the FBI  sits in the corner and claims helplessness?
5.       Schizophrenia created via the use of a technology system my friend whose uncle was the chairman of the second largest bank in Wisconsin and his sister worked for the FBI told me about in 1991!  Where was the FBI to stop that medical fraud from being committed?  This is consistent with the Wicca religion!  The United States was formed in opposition to it!
6.       Willful attacks on the amendment, part of the supreme law of the land that cannot be changed, reaching as high as our President!
7.       Wicca the English witchcraft religion the only one that recognizes lesbian marriage.
8.       A little girl who practiced the Wicca religion and stabbed another little girl 19 times will not have to go to trial for it!
9.       We do not have proper levels of punishment for sexual molesters of children!  England was founded by the Romans.  Catholic Priests are practicing the wicca religion on American Children.  They used to get the death penalty for that in Colonial America!
10.   The price we are paying for oil and the prevention of clean energy is an undue tax!  Where have the FBI been in rooting out the big oil network thieves and their influence in causing wars?
11.   FDR of English and French Descent, his money come from the opiate trade with and his personal money came from the looting of the United States Stock Market.  Sure they changed the method of information but they have failed to regulate the market makers from making money when stocks prices go down.
12.   That Ebola Virus will hit the U.S!  We should restrict all travel to Europe and Africa and not allow people exposed to it use connecting routes to enter into or back into the United States!
13.   Our Mexican border is like Uncle Sam’s butt bent over a barrel!  And we are seeing all kinds of sympathy machinacations with regard to them taking place!  If you cannot speak English or if you are seen speaking a foreign language in a place of business you need to be deported!  This might be a Jewish faction based attack on the United States!
14.   The English might be genetically different from the Americans who founded the United States and believe in freedom!  But we won’t learn of it!  In fact the aides virus might indeed be really medical fraud based on the tapeworm!  Perpetrated and covered up with collusion from Russian Satanic Elite?
15.   Our health care system is like a carnival!  Where has the FBI been in prosecuting deaths from pharmaceuticals and medical fraud?   I believe that every United States Citizen today should be able to see who works for the FBI and Homeland Security and what other positions they have in our society.  Are they also the corporate management of cancer causing cigarettes and alcohol?  No doubt!  Doesn’t that make you sick?
16.   Where is the money from Corporate America being funded too?  It certainly isn’t being collected by the United States!  Committing all those crimes with limited liability and the taxpayer doesn’t receive money from their business activity!
17.   It appears that organized crime in the United States is based on a network of the Dependent minded.  1 in 35 Americans is stated to be mentally retarded!  That is 9 million of us!  Do some of those work in Corporate American management or have Government jobs such as in the FBI? I have no doubt about it!  And it was only recently I learned that some mentally retarded have strong verbal ability!  From my life experience I have intuitively known it all along! Have you too?  When you take that into account that some mentally retarded have strong verbal ability such as in Wilson’s Syndrome that number of 1 in 35 is much higher!
18.   Ivy league colleges haze Americans and do not appear to teach relevant information and nor do we benefit from them.  (Kennedy stated that and was killed by a spy recruited by Russia.  FBI neglected to tell us that!)  There is a disconnect from knowledge and the benefit of that knowledge!  These are degrees granted to those with Wilson’s Syndrome!  Mentally retarded with strong verbal ability that comprise a network of the Wicca Religion!
19.   Our Foreign policy amounts to one of aggression while at the same time regarding our HOMELAND we allow immigrants to flood into the United States!  Who is running Mexico?  It is very easy to tell!  Those who will do anything for money?  And isn't that who is coming over the borders into the United States?  Cowards who do not have the courage to fight that evil?  Why do we allow the same cowards to enter here?  Only to degrade the nation or dominate us so that we have to speak Spanish as a national language some day?
20.   Our media lacks the substance of normal adults!  A lot of media broadcasts should have the word imbecile in them in order to comply with truth and honesty in broadcasting!!!
Countermeasure:  Imagine you are spoon feeding soup to a mentally retarded person with strong verbal ability and they are complaining you are feeding them too slowly!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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