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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Spoiled Black Boy 08 16 2014

 The Spoiled Black Boy

Most people don’t consider black people to be spoiled because we consider most of them to live in poverty.  But any teacher worthy of teaching will tell that the spoiled child is something different than that; they are defined by what their parents or lack of parents allow them to get away with.  They are also spoiled for attention and they want to always be what is called the “Center of attention.”  Because of that they never learn to sit still and respect the teacher or to learn!  Again the spoiled child is defined by what their parents allow them to get away with without remedial action!  And this is where the term someone else told me comes into view, the stricter the parents are the more the children turn out awful!  Why?  Because they seek to misbehave when they are not under the eye of their parents or that of a teacher?  In other words the immaturity is never conditioned out of them!  And it likely has to do with the parents projecting their own self pity unto their children.  “He couldn’t help it,” and a range of other excuses the parents make for bad behavior is the sign of how a spoiled child is fostered.

I would say by that correct definition many black children are more spoiled than ever and indeed they represent a great threat to black communities.

On a side note I wonder how many teachers have been threatened by black children and others only capable of athletic degrees (play.)  When I worked at the gas station to put myself through college I would hear stories of a Whitefish Bay High School boy raping a teacher but she was consensual (circa 1988).  I also heard of him punching his girlfriend in the nose in the back of a van because she was having a nervous fit.  I heard stories of those who were not getting academic degrees or in college picking up college girls and raping and sodomizing.

I don’t believe any of that belongs in our communities!  I also found it very disturbing how some High School jocks were conditioned to perform oral sex on women.  Not only can you get cancer of the throat because of H. Pylori but it is awful close to the anus region.  I actually believe that some pornography movies are enough due process to have the people in them and those who made them executed for committing a crime against humanity!

And when I was in High  School the physical education teachers ate in a different area than the academic!  I don't believe that the dunces should be paid to play for a living!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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