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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Newspaper Fraud 08 07 2014

Newspaper Fraud

At a recent funeral I learned how an Italian Woman was forced to write under last name pen names in Milwaukee.
That brings up many legal concepts regarding the fraud of propaganda.
Let’s say that one woman wrote articles for other people at a newspaper under pseudonym names until those other writers became proficient and could write for themselves?
Let’s say that those other writers did not exist at all!!!  Now what happens?  Accounting Fraud could have those pseudonym names on the books and those fake people who don’t exist could be paid!  But the accounting fraud is that money would be deposited into the accounts of real people who might not have any writing people at all!
In effect one woman could be writing the whole newspaper and many others being paid as if they were writers!
This mode could also put forth improper political agendas; even promote medical fraud!
What could even happen is that very few people did the actual writing at all and an unscrupulous business person collect a lion’s share of writing profits!
One woman actually told me that when the Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel were separate and in separate buildings that certain writers were knocked over the head in the exact same place between the two buildings!  She also said that they did not want to publish articles of all the crime and shootings that were happening far back into Milwaukee History in my lifetime because they wanted to publish softer stories!  That is against all principles of honest and responsible Journalism!
And because of organizations like the Associated Press or Syndicated Press a small paper can post articles that other people wrote from far across the nation in another paper and populate an entire issue of their newspaper with stories like that!  What it means is that a newspaper could indeed have very few legitimate writers, fill the pages with swapped in articles (it is listed in the top of the article where it came from) and have a few trolls write and control an entire metropolitan city, State or Country!
I put very little credibility into any surveyed information that they say they have taken either!  I believe that is as much bunk as all the voters that were cross listed and not actual people!  And that was found out to be the case in voter fraud in recent elections!
So how do you tell if a paper/media has legitimate writers?  It is very easy, empirical evidence!  In other words what would have happened if responsible adults were hired for newspapers instead of the mess we have today!
I am going to make one more observation about the Elite!  When their children get older say around 24 years old they ask around their network of friends; where can you place my son or daughter in your company or government?  They just assume that wealthier child has the skills and no one will notice that they don’t belong in those jobs!  Believe me we do notice!  Again because of empirical evidence with regard to their opinions and actions as lawyers, corporate executives, Doctors, politicians etc!  We know you are inept when you have been in a position for a very long time and what should have been accomplished by you or a group of you never was!  Things like less crime, drugs and cleaner air and water, and children that can be educated.
If mentally retarded children are not recognized as being that in a classroom do they automatically become the class bully?  I don’t believe they should be in the same classroom with normal children for that very reason!  And who are they?  The leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere is fetal alcohol syndrome; it means the mother drank while pregnant (or maybe the fathers sperm was oxygen deprived too)  But who are those people?  They are not the hard working middle class!  They are the Elite who sit in their houses with on the rocks drink and have friends over for dinners with a bottle of wine on the table that or they are the lower class that copulates after a night at the tavern!  Are they a contraindication to a proper learning environment?  Yes!  But if there are enough of them they can control the media; much like the old false belief system that a million monkeys could eventually create a work like Mozart!
Now at the beginning of this article the meaning intended was that a woman was not allowed to receive credit for her work!  So what direction was that leading to?  People not receiving credit for their work?  I have always maintained that someone who hears voices in their heads never receives credit for a single thing (intellectual property) that they thought of!  And I just proved how the media conspired to create a nation and world like that!
You know what it is like?  A young adult college graduate with all the talent in the world goes to an interview.  Fur ears the Human Resource Manager has been listening to him think all his life; gives him a lump on the head and that is the end of his adult life and freedom!

And what happens to that woman writer who wrote under all the pseudonyms?  There is no honor among thieves?  

Maybe if we had writers willing to be able to tackle issues of cancer causing substances they themselves would not have come to long and painful deaths from them.

And how many of us have been put in that position of manipulation and abuse by corporate America?  That might be a sign of mental illness in itself; to be of and promote the belief system that a corporation is actually a person!  How about a let's see!

"Let's see!  It says here that you promoted the belief system that a Corporation is actually a person!  That is a sign of a delusion and you will be required to take anti-psychotic medication for the rest of your lives!"   I am going to post this on the schizophrenia Facebook group and I can bet that there is not a single person there that hears voices who would take issue with people promoting lies related to medical fraud (as corporations are involved in) being involuntarily medicated!  I actually believe those who would commit medical fraud should be executed as it is a crime against humanity!  And a crime against humanity is punishable by death in the greater majority of countries in the world!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

And come to think of it that woman did say she had ties to organized crime!

And what might be learned here is that when those who cannot write are granted credit as if they did then it ends up that a lot of children won't be able to read!

Once organized crime gets its roots it doesn't go away!  Why not?  Because they are born and raised into a different cognitive way of life.  So if indeed she wrote in the 60's,70's and 80's in Milwaukee it means that much organized crime was established.  And why were the deaths by violence never written about?  Because they were murders by organized crime!!!  Who do they target?  Just normal human beings who have their own human reason and human conscience.  Why?  Fur ears eventually finds listening to the thoughts of a human being insufferable!  And what does it really amount to?  Communism!  Communism being a land without men or those who think like men!  A land where people with 10% smaller brain size judge others based on emotions and negative projections of themselves and negative projections of self pity they want to deny!  In any country were you have a person who hears voices nonstop that is constructive evidence of communism and organized crime!  And what does a person who is a member of organized crime think like?  There is a reason that they say the only way out is death!  It has to do with what a Catholic School teacher once told us, however you are by the time you are 10 years old you are likely to never change from that!  It means if you have a mentally defective criminal mind that you will always be that way!  An organized crime is not really about their victims it is about their hatred of self; projecting that hatred of self onto healthy minded American families who believe in the American Dream.

Off topic.  Is there an EB5 project going up in your village?  EB5 is an immigration program whereby the wealthy of foreign countries can buy United States Citizenship.  They have to have $500,000.00 in money. It was a Government program launched in 1990.  That was George W. Bush!  That is the same reason the rate of schizophrenia (a medical fraud) has increased twofold in that same period of time!

Chinese were denied ownership of a hotel near where I live.  As soon as they were denied ownership of it a parking lot to the north in my village was cleared and dug out and an apartment building went up!  Is that EB5 funded I wonder without doing any research?

Most people consider foreigners about the same as ordinary Americans.  It isn't true!  They are shaped by different forms of government that often includes torture of human beings.  Not only that they might be genetically different and predisposed to mental retardation! 

George Bush sold the United States, the land of the free and brave and honest Americans out to the Satanic!

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