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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Inventions Needed for treatment of disease 08 06 2014

Inventions Needed for treatment of disease 08 06 2014

A vibrating water/heavy liquid bath!
When I read that as many as 1/3 of humans have Toxoplasmosis and that some of the symptoms were knotted tendons.  And how knotted tendons seem a lot like Multiple Sclerosis to me then I started to think about the argument of antibiotic resistance.
Toxoplasmosis is in the disperse cells of the body.  The way to more readily reach and treat any illness like that with antibiotics would be to ensure that they reached those tissues!  So the way to do that would be the administration of a vibrating water/heavy liquid bath upon an appropriate time after complete digestion and bloodstream absorption of the antibiotic!  It would shake it to the extremities!  This would cause less antibiotic resistance because in theory less antibiotic would be needed because it was more efficiently administered in a more efficacious manner.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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